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There are tons of websites that permits users to view free films online but on the 19th of March the world’s most famous 123movies pirate stream website, 123movieshub, and GoMovies, also known as the 123movieshub, announced that it will no longer be available.

This news were a shock for fans, who saw the unusual message from the homepage of the site urging filmmakers to “respect” the content of their films and television programs instead of being pirated.

123movies is shutdown?

“For years, we have linked to films and shows. It is time to say farewell now. Thank you very much for your stay with us and thank you so much for staying with us. The reports shows that authorities were aware that the website was operating from Vietnam, while 123 movies themselves were listed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a US-based association representing the “Land Most Popular Illegal Site” “The Most Popular International Site.”

What happened to 123movies is?

In an announcement on 15th March 2018 just days before the end of 123films, the Executive Vice President & Chief Global Content Protection Officer Van Voorn stated that “123movies.to, the world’s largest illegal website, is operated in Vietnam right now and has 98 million viewers per month.”

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What happened to 123movies? Why it is Not Working?

123movies fans still struggle to understand why the pirated streaming giant announced suddenly that it is shut down. However, in March of last year, according to a recent report from TorrentFreak, US Ambassador Ted Osius asked for an action against the pirate website in the state of Vietnam, including 123movies, and 123movies could have been contained in history as a result of the meeting that year.

Top 3 Movie streaming website – 2020

123movies.is Alternatives- Free movie streaming websites:

  1. MovieK

The best alternative to 123movies.is is to view films online on one of the biggest free movie websites. MovieK offers TV shows and adult contents in addition to movies.


It is free of charge and no registration is required. You can stream film online and take advantage of quickest streams from different genres, from comedy, action, adventure, classic and much more.

Every entry will display the information needed to determine the genre, rankings, duration, IMBD, release year and cast.

  1. PrimeWire

PrimeWire has a free online index of host files and films that extend from comedy to horror, and TV series, as well.


Each film on this site is connected to several websites, most of them more than 15 different.

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The domain address of PrimeWire has changed several times in its course, with the latest domain seizure by the order of a Luxembourg court being SPrimeWire.ag URL, that had been suspended and transferred under EuroDNS ownership.

The PrimeWire website is currently run on www2.primewire.ac

  1. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another website that provides free online streaming films and TV shows.

It provides HD-screenings without the need for recording and includes user ratings and information for each film, facilitating the selection of the right film for your viewing.

The website has a user forum for the exchange of views and opinions on movies and television shows.

The above three options of 123movies.is are the best free websites for movie streaming. A caution, because of the very nature of such websites, the above sites could change their domain names.


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