4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online
4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

When you’re confined at home, there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself entertained. Playing board games is a terrific way to pass the time if you share a living space with others. Here, Cards Against Humanity is an all-time favorite.

The game is billed on the site as “a party game for awful people,” but it is actually a lot of fun for everyone. While it is clearly NSFW, it is a terrific way to let off stress and have a few laughs with friends or family.

Here’s how you play cards against humanity online, as well as the equipment you’ll need. Also, be sure to visit our YouTube channel, where we created a short film that walks you through the various sites.

Prior to Playing Cards Against Humanity on the Internet

Half the fun of games like Cards Against Humanity is seeing how your pals respond to your choices. So, before you begin the game, make a video call using one of the popular video conferencing apps. You can quickly learn how to set up Zoom and join a Zoom meeting if you’ve never done so before.

Of course, you’ll want to double-check that your microphone and webcam are both operational. Finally, inquire as to whether or not all of the players are familiar with the game’s regulations. If necessary, give them a refresher course.

There are two sorts of cards in Cards Against Humanity: black and white. A player asks a question from a black card each round. Then everyone else chooses one of the white cards from their hand to give the most amusing (and inappropriate) response. The person who submits the most cards with the funniest answers by the end of the game wins.

Go to one of the following sites to play cards versus humanity online once everyone is aware on the rules.

  • A screenshot of the website
  • The number of players might be as high as six.
  • Level of difficulty: To be honest, it’s a touch too easy.

For several reasons, is the best option on our list. The first is how straightforward everything is. This is both a benefit and a drawback of this website.

The user interface is simple and may not always mirror the original Cards Against Humanity game. Because the game on the website is called Remote Insensitivity and has a distinct graphic representation, this is the case. Remote Insensitivity, on the other hand, features all of the same cards and is exceedingly simple to play on the web, even for complete novices.

Play Cards Against Humanity with the interface.

The game isn’t at all automated, which is a cool feature. That means you’ll have to deal, move, and discard cards all by yourself. This adds to the game night mood by giving it a more authentic sense.

Go to to begin the game. Then scroll down to the section under “Create a new room.” Select Remote Insensitivity and then click Start Game. You’ll be given a shareable link to utilize in inviting other gamers.

All Bad Cards

  • To join a game or start a new game, go to the All Bad Cards main page.
  • The number of players might be as high as 50.
  • Level of difficulty: challenging enough to surprise a seasoned player while also impressing a novice.

All Bad Cards has a lot of potential to become your favorite online multiplayer game. The first thing you’ll notice is a fantastic UI that faithfully recreates the cheeky atmosphere that only Cards Against Humanity can provide.

While the other websites on our list have been around for a long time, All Bad Cards was developed just a few years ago for people who were bored at home and looking for innovative ways to pass the time.

The UI of the game All Bad Cards

To begin the game, go to the website and select New Game. After that, the site will prompt you to enter your nickname. You’ll be given a link to share with others, and you’ll be able to add up to 10 AI players. To begin the game, click Start once everyone is ready.

The ability to host a game for up to 50 people, as well as a family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity, are two further amazing features of this service (seriously).

Assume the role of Xyzzy

  1. Pretend you’re on the front page of the Xyzzy website.
  2. The number of players ranges from three to twenty.

The difficulty level is advanced. For those who have every CAH Expansion pack, this is a good choice.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy is another Cards Against Humanity clone that will appeal to those who enjoy the game’s depth. Hundreds of cards and amusing combinations are included in the original game’s expansion packs. Pretend You’re Xyzzy claims to have all of them, which adds to the game’s intrigue.

The disadvantage is that you can’t begin the game unless you have three or more players. Once you’ve got the proper number of individuals, you can modify your game and add as many cards as you want. You can even make your own regulations, such as who is allowed to play and who can merely watch the game if they don’t want to participate.

Pretend You’ve arrived to the main Xyzzy game personalization screen.

To participate in the game, go to the website, enter your nickname, and click Set. You’ll be taken to the game’s customisation screen after that. Choose the number of participants, the card sets you want to use, and the password for the game. Share your game’s URL with others and wait for them to join and play.

Lab for Cards Against Humanity

  1. Home page of the Cards Against Humanity Lab
  2. Number of players: 1
  3. Level of difficulty: This is not a good idea if you’re already lonely.

Cards Against Humanity Lab is your last resort if all else fails. When all your buddies are busy but you still want to have a few laughs with yourself, this is the perfect choice.

The official site for the Cards Against Humanity online experience is Cards Against Humanity Lab. However, because you’re the only one playing, it’s not quite social. The computer gives you a black card, and you must choose the most amusing response from a variety of white cards. There’s also the option of saying that none of the cards on the screen are amusing.

Start of the game and interface for Cards Against Humanity Lab

You’ve probably guessed what this tool’s purpose is. The CAH AI learns which card combinations are the greatest and worst in the game. It may not appear to be entertaining at first, but you’ll soon discover that many of the cards in the CAH Lab are unlike any you’ve ever seen. Because the site is utilized to investigate future game editions, this is the case.

So, if you’re a true fan of the game, go to the website and play a few rounds of CAH alone.

Create Your Own CAH Spectacular

When you’re stranded at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to break the rules and create your own games. You can print and construct your own CAH deck by downloading it from the official website. You can also play an unique family-friendly version with your family.

Have you ever tried your hand at online Cards Against Humanity? What additional games would you play with your buddies via the internet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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