r/SoccerStreams for copyright issues after removing a successful subreddit with 100k followers. We’re here with some top work alternatives to r soccerstreams so you can’t miss out on the forthcoming football leagues, clearly safe. Here we mentioned the best alternatives so you can watch all the 1080p and 720p quality football leagues.

What is Reddit r soccerstreams?

SoccerStreams Subreddit page was one of the best channel subscription options for people who did not wish to spend money. This forum gained a great deal of attention during 2018 Fifa Worldcup. More than 100k users used to visit this page for access to football sources during this World Cup gathering.

This page used to fill with hundreds of connections, 30 minutes before that match, with which one could watch a full HD quality football match live. On SoccerStreams, there were also direct links, Sopcast links, and Acestream links.

Most of these connections operate for P2P technology, which is similar to a torrent website. The best thing about these online channels is that people have been able to enjoy high-quality streams without buffering.

Unfortunately, because of a copyright infringement by the Premium League team, the website is no longer available. It has been one of the most trusted subreddit for sharing work streams in HD.

Now, here we are with some of the best alternatives for r / soccerstreams 2020 that we could consider.

rsoccerstreams alternatives 2020

Top 5 Free r/SoccerStreams Alternatives

1. r/Footballtactics

Football stream

This forum provides links to sources, minutes before the game starts. Numerous people post links to different matches. Thus, you’ll probably be able to find the link you’re looking for to the football match! At present it has only a small audience of 10k subscribers. However at any given time you can notice more than 1k users on this page. Most of the links that appear on this website are from AceStream. So you needn’t worry about buffering.

2. r/soccer


Redsoccer is a relatively new website, since it was only founded after the collapse of SoccerStreams. Therefore it has not a significant number of subscribers. The ties that are listed are however very useful! There are a number of rules to follow in order to maintain the high standard of the streaming links, by the people who are allowed to post streaming links on this website. For example only direct links to the stream are enabled. The display standard is either SD, or HD.

3. r/USsoccer/


Usssoccer has sought to become what r / USsoccer/ was! Everything is achieved through their web of conflict, which clearly states that the real reddit section is bare too. Seeing that Soccer Streams has just been taken down, we can not know that Soccer Thunder will be able to be viewed for a long time. But, as long as it’s around you can use this page.

4. r/SoccerstreamsRedd


R / soccerstreamsredd was created because of the repeated blocking of subreddits, which were finding sharing stream ties. This forum has no enjoyable apps, doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing and has only a small number of links at one time. These are removed once the connections are taken out of use. This is done to help avoid censorship of the domain.

5. r/chelseafc

reditt footbal

The Chelsea football club, identified as the chelseafc, is a community and the Chelsea football club devoted website. The leaders are more than 130k strong. You can get the most recent updates, reports, match schedules in this section. Users online, too, post videos about soccer matches and debate football matches.

Live Football Connection Discord Network

You must have learned about Discord if you’re interested in technology. Discord is a VoIP program which is used to exchange game-related text, audio, images and videos. The Discord program can be used both on all operating systems and on web browsers.

Soon after Reddit banned SoccerStreams, discord servers began to run. More than 1.5 lakh members joined its server in a few weeks, and at any given time thousands of members are online.

The role of Discord is similar to SoccerStreams. Users may directly communicate channel ties to the admin panel or moderators. You can send links to any match once you accept the post! In addition, a streamer function is provided to you for potential link sharing. Like SoccerStreams, streamers will publish links to live matches just 1 hour before the match begins. But only 30 minutes before the match, the channel links will be available. So, if you visit the discord channel without a live game, you won’t find any connections.



These were some of the best solutions to r / soccerstreams 2020 that we could find on the internet for you! Nevertheless, you must note that even these pages can be copied without warning due to possible infringement of copyright. Until then, you should seek these options, the Discord channel or AceStream connection to the web, and determine which one is the right for you to get live football streaming links. If you know such a useful website which has streaming links to football matches and is not mentioned above, please let us know in the comments below.




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