Accenture acquires Callisto integration services for automated manufacturing

Internet of things

This is the third recent acquisition of Accenture related to digital manufacturing.

On Tuesday, Accenture announced the acquisition of Callisto Integration, a digital manufacturing service provider that caters to a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, chemicals and utilities. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

The partnership adds more technological and engineering experience to Accenture’s Industry X.0 business unit, which lets the consulting firm’s customers digitize their industrial operations. Callisto’s main services include the design and implementation of production execution systems, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems and shop floor control systems. The acquisition also includes MeasureTek, a subsidiary of Callisto that uses IoT technology to provide precision farming services, such as dynamic field monitoring and irrigation information.

This is the third recent acquisition of Accenture related to digital manufacturing following the purchase of Silveo in France and Enterprise Network Partners in Ireland in 2019.

Callisto is based in Oakville, Ontario, with two branches in the United States (Virginia and Oregon) as well as one in the United Kingdom and one in the Netherlands. Accenture intends to use its capabilities to improve its North American business. All of Callisto’s 160 employees will join Accenture Industry X.0.

Melina Richardson
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