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You need to wonder why you need a third-party app to allow Portable WiFi Hotspot on Android to otherwise leverage your mobile data plan since this functionality comes with an Android device by default. So you must first know the “why portable Wi-Fi apps are necessary?”

Because the integrated portable hotspot on Android phones limits you to just turning on the hotspot and securing it with a password of WPA2 PSK. Worse still, some users moaning that their WiFi phones are not working properly and that can also lead to WiFi Hotspot issues, for example, making free WiFi calls in Android. Even your unlimited or restricted web plan sometimes doesn’t require you to turn on your mobile hotspot, sometimes an unlimited plan with a throttle reduces the internet speed, so you need these devices. And these third-party Hotspot apps do offer various other features, like data usage tracking, data security, restriction of the use of data, and so on.

Therefore we have checked the top Free WiFi Portable Hotspot Android apps for you and incorporate them into our roster. Test the WiFi Hotspot Android Phone applications below without any root and choose one that you think best for you.


PdaNet+ is one of the Google Play Store’s best and most popular Hotspot applications. You can share your mobile internet with laptops, tablets and other smartphones without needing to use a root phone. PdaNet+ is equipped with the latest “WiFi Direct Hotspot” feature for all Android 4.1 or later handsets that allow you to connect to tablets and computers by downloading your client software or proxy depending on the device.

Through USB Mode, you can connect other devices to yours. Bluetooth is now completely obsolete and therefore can be disabled, instead of using WiFi Direct Hotspot.



    • Offers direct WiFi hotspot.
    • No root required.
    • It has a time limit feature.


    • Can’t connect to TV and game devices.
    • It’s not going to work on those phones.

FoxFi (WiFi Tether without Root)

Now no root or tether plan is required to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot with FoxFi. It’s the fastest, and its basic interface can be used within a single installation button. With just one button, you can activate the WiFi Hotspot from the Android WiFi Hotspot app. Users awarded this app at the Play Store with 3.9 stars. It provides USB Tether and WiFi Direct Hotspot, but a separate Pdanet program needs to be enabled.



    • Easy to install and use, easy to install.
    • Nearly every Android phone is supported.


    • A paid version of a free one will be needed for a while.
    • To access other features, you have to download the Pdanet app.

Portable Hotspot – WiFi Tether for Android

This portable Android WiFi app is only available in the Amazon Store. It can also be used with user permission to access other WiFi networks that are available or not password-protected. It is a one-tap solution to enable the free WiFi hotspot and share your WiFi network while tracking data traffic at the same time. Its feature boosts your networks to navigate easily on any of your Android browsers and other phones. This eliminates background apps so that your phone won’t freeze. It is one of the best Wi-Fi tether applications for Android owners with its material design Interface and new features.




    • Not available from the Google Play Store.
    • To use this most, it requires a rooted telephone.

Final words

Many telecom providers don’t encourage their customers to enable their Mobile Hotspot and prompt them, no matter whether it is an unlimited or restricted plan, to “Call the Carrier.” But these are among Android’s best portable Wi-Fi Hotspot applications to transform your Android device into a Hotspot Wi-Fi router so that your internet data plan can be shared with your family and friends. Stop looking for these apps and use our best-mentioned applications to save your time and data plan. Please let us know which device you find the easiest and recommend it to others. If you know of any other applications, tell us in the comment box about them.

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