GitHub adds new tools

GitHub adds new tools to support developers in secure code

On Thursday, Microsoft-owned GitHub announced the introduction of several new security tools and features that help developers secure their code. The code-hosting service launched a...
Internet security

WordPress finally gets a third of the Internet’s security features

WordPress 5.2 released a modern cryptographic library with support for cryptographic updates. The Content Management System for WordPress (CMS) today receives a variety of new...
Android phone

List of best 20 Android phone Hacking apps 2019

Android is a smartphone more than it is. You can turn into a fully hacking machine with some hacking apps.  Although the computer is...
ATM malware

Hackers Exploiting SS7 Protocol & Injecting ATM malware to attack banks and financial sectors

The banking and financial sectors were constantly affected by cyber attacks compared to other industries. 25.7 percent of all malware attacks last year focussed...

Is this a legitimate website? How can I check if the website is safe?

Malicious websites available throughout the internet, finding a trustworthy website is very difficult. We need to browse intelligently and ensure that the site is...
Cloud based DDos Protection

6 Cloud-Based DDoS Attack Prevention Tools for Your Website

What is DDoS attack? An attack on a distributed denial of service (DDoS) is a malicious attempt to interfere with the normal traffic of a...
Drupal CMS

5 Drupal CMS Security Scanner for your website

Simple steps to find Drupal Security vulnerabilities with below list of Security Scanning Tool Drupal is the third largest open source CMS with more...