Fxmsp Hacking Group claims 3 major American antivirus companies have been attacked

Fxmsp Hacking Group claims 3 major American antivirus companies have been attacked

Fxmsp is a collective of Russian-speaking and English-speaking hackers, mainly aiming to provide highly protected networks with sensitive information from companies and government agencies. The...
ransomware attack

Sophos security researchers observed a spike in the number of attacks involving MegaCortex, a...

The malware first appeared in January of this year and first infection signs were observed in the beginning of February; however, no major attack...
cyber attack

The New Evasion Technique of Emotet Malware allows hacked devices to be used as...

A new wave of Emotet malware using a special evasion technique to fool and hide POST infection traffic, avoid detection and safety software. It also...
Paypal ransomware

PayPal receives ransomware technology patent

PayPal engineer is developing a new way to detect ransomware attacks and stop them. This week, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has granted...
Hijacked Chrome 500 Million iOS User Sessions

Malvertising Campaign Hijacked Chrome 500 Million iOS User Sessions

Multiple massive malvertising attacks targeted iOS users in USA and multiple EU countries for almost a week used Chrome to bypass the browser's built-in...
Emotet malware

Emotet Trojan Hacked Uniden Commercial Site Serves

Uniden's website was pursued to host a Word document that provides what appears to be a variety of Emotet Trojan gardens, also known as...

Triton hackers come back with a new, covert industrial attack

Traces of the group were found by researchers in a new critical infrastructure facility. Traces of a hacking group behind destructive Triton malware were...
data violation

Georgia’s technology data violation exposed 1.3 million records

More than one million records are also exposed to a further data violation–this time the Georgia Institute of Technology. Unauthorized access to the web...
DDoS attack prevention

DDoS attack prevention approach on the systems of your company

The aim of a DDoS attack is to deplete the network, application or service resources so that genuine users can't access them. Diverse types of...
Google tensorFlow

Torrent malware falls as the use of pirated streaming increases

Together, as reported by Kaspersky Lab, both the number of users who downloaded malware infected by piratted copies of TV episodes and the number...