Emotet Mass Attack Drops Ransomware on Enterpreise Endpoint Systems Via Word Service

A new wave of malware Emotet distribute Nozelesn's ransomware to hospitality-based endpoint systems through malicious word documents. Telemetry had over 14,000 spam detections distributed around...

Reaver kali Linux Tutorial to Hack WPS Enabled WPA/WAP2 WiFi Network

WPA Security Protocol bypassing Your Wi-Fi network is a convenient wireless internet gateway, and because you don't want a connection with an old hooligan who...
Parrot OS backdoors

How to launch Xerxes DDos Tool to perform DOS Attack using Parrot Os

Xerxes DDos Tool to perform DOS Attack We show you in this Parrot Os tutorial how to use Xerxes to start a DOS attack. DDOS...
Swiss Government

Swiss e – voting system yet another crypto – flaw

In the Swiss e-voting system, a second critical crypto vulnerability was found to be exploitable to hide voting manipulation, researchers revealed on Sunday. In February,...
Police attack

Police Federation attacked by ransomware

Police association says that databases and servers hit "malware attack that encrypted data." The England and Wales Police Federation (PFEW) has suffered an apparent ransomware...
Hacked tornado

Tornado sirens in two Texas cities taken offline in advance of a major storm

City authorities have taken offline tornado sirens hacked in front of the major storm. Fortunately, they haven't been needed. In the middle of the...

JNEC.a WinRAR Ace Exploit Ransomware spreading

A new ransomware called JNEC.a is spreading through an exploit for the vulnerability in WinRAR's recently reported ACE code execution. It will generate a...
Attackers dutch

Dutch Hacker used a Mirai botnet & asked for ransoms to stop attacks

Hacker used DDoS companies with a Mirai botnet and asked for money to stop attacks. His actions have not been detained in a Holland...
New Bitlocker

New BitLocker attack will jeopardize laptops that store sensitive data

New Zealand security researcher details an attack for recovering BitLocker keys that has never been seen before. A security researcher has developed a new way...

Ransomware Attack of $ 400,000 on Jackson County

A ransomware attack hit Jackson County, Georgia computers, and cutting public activity down into a crawl until officials decided to pay cyber criminals $400,000...