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Google reports that leaked assistant records violate data security policies

The search giant has confirmed that people listen to' Okay,' but it said that it is a breach of its data security policies that...

U.S. House of Representatives Passed the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act

This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the IoT Cybersecurity Reform Act , a law that seeks to enhance IoT system stability.The IoT...

Twilio SDK found Abused for Malvertising Assault

This week's Twilio cloud communications platform as a service company (CPaaS) reported a security incident that culminated in hackers uploading a modified version of...

Microsoft Fixed 90 Vulnerabilities, Several of the Flaws were Publicly Disclosed

In its October 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes, Microsoft has patched almost 90 bugs, and although none of them have been used in attacks, many...

Android Malware Bypasses 2FA by Stealing OTP

Malware monitoring researchers on Android devices discovered malicious applications that can steal one-time passwords (OTPs) from the notification system. This development circumvents Google's ban...

Twitter Resulted in the Disclosure of Developer Information, Including API Keys

Twitter started sending emails to developers last week to inform them of a vulnerability that could have resulted in developer information, including API keys,...
Scammer Tricks

Scammer Tricks City Into $1 Million Wire Transfer

The City of Saskatoon was effectively fooled by a scammer to transfer over $1 million to them. However, they may not appreciate the riches.The...

Zoom Free Users Wont be Getting End-to-End Encryption

Zoom's chief executive revealed on Tuesday that no end-to-end encryption will be offered to free users as the company wants to assist the FBI...

New Programming Language “Kotlin” used for Developing an Android Malware

The bee's open-source programming language has been used to create malicious Android apps that are able to hijack an Android mobile, and has been...
Intel Driver

Vulnerability of the Intel Driver Can Allow Attackers Access to a Device

A vulnerability affecting a powerful and widely used Intel driver can provide malicious players with extensive access to a device, Eclypsium firmware security company...