Google tensorFlow

Torrent malware falls as the use of pirated streaming increases

Together, as reported by Kaspersky Lab, both the number of users who downloaded malware infected by piratted copies of TV episodes and the number...
Linux malware

SpeakUp – New Linux backdoor Trojan Discovered by Security Experts

SpeakUp Trojan backdoor can run on six different Linux and macOS distributions. The hackers have developed a new Trojan backdoor which can run on Linux...
pos system infection

POS Systems Infected with Malware (NCBP) US Become Victim

North Country Business Products (NCBP), a point - of - sale (POS) product provider based in Minnesota, announced a security breach last week. The...
AT & T email

The new extortion scam involves contact numbers from the U.S. State Police

A fresh extortion scam is under way that claims to be by a detective of the US State Police who will delete child porn...

Reaver kali Linux Tutorial to Hack WPS Enabled WPA/WAP2 WiFi Network

WPA Security Protocol bypassing Your Wi-Fi network is a convenient wireless internet gateway, and because you don't want a connection with an old hooligan who...
Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack on Electric Power Grid Company Entire Network Encrypted in South Africa

This morning, a ransomware attack on the South African electricity utility City Power in Johannesburg encrypted all of its systems, including databases and applications. The...
Facebook data leaked - 533 Million Users Data is Available Online For Free

Facebook data leaked – 533 Million Users Data is Available Online For Free

On Saturday, the personal details of over half a billion Facebook Inc. users resurfaced online for free, highlighting the company's ability to gather mountains...
Hijacked Chrome 500 Million iOS User Sessions

Malvertising Campaign Hijacked Chrome 500 Million iOS User Sessions

Multiple massive malvertising attacks targeted iOS users in USA and multiple EU countries for almost a week used Chrome to bypass the browser's built-in...
Google bug

Security bug allows hackers to access an internal network of Google

A young Czech bug hunter has identified a security flaw in one of the backend Google apps. Used by a malicious threats player, the...

Hackers are Stepping Up Attacks on Health Care Systems with Ransomware

In the United States and other nations, hackers are speeding up attacks on health care networks with malware, posing new threats for patient care...