Billions of Fake Accounts on Facebook Nixes

Wednesday's Facebook reported that this year, around 5.4 billion fake accounts were taken down in an indication of the ongoing fight against manipulation and...

Maze Ransomware Operators Claim That They Breached LG Electronics

The cybercriminals behind the ransomware known as Maze claim to have infringed LG Electronics systems and accessed highly sensitive data. The Maze ransomware operators are...
Email phishing

83 Coronavirus-Related Cyber Criminal Phishing and Scam Websites have been Taken Down

Just one day after the National Cyber Security Center launches Suspicious email monitoring services, 83 cybercriminal websites have been taken down. More than 80 phishing...
Maze Ransomware

Ransomware Gangs Keep Changing their Targets to the Ongoing Virus Crisis

The pandemic of coronavirus forced most organizations to focus on how they function. And it now seems like even cybercrooks and ransomware gangs have...

Hackers Targeting WordPress Sites Running the OneTone theme to Exploit a Vulnerability

Hackers actively target WordPress sites that operate with OneTone theme to exploit a vulnerability that enables them to read and write site cookies and...
cloud ibm

Cloud Backup Provider SOS Online Backup has Exposed 135 Million Records Online

Cloud backup provider SOS Online Backup has exposed 135 million records online in the most recent case of a company failing to secure its...
Work from Home

6 Tips for Cybersecurity While You Work from Home

Social conditions due to lockdown contribute to the tremendous transition to distant working. 85% of companies surveyed by CNBC claimed that more than half...
Banking Applications

FBI Warns Hackers Targeting Mobile Banking App to Exploit

As the Federal Investigation Bureau reports, the rise in the use of mobile banking applications is expected to lead to an increase in misuse. An...

Dutch Police Launch Sudden Strike Against DDoS for Hire Operators

In today's press release, Dutch police announced that in an online simulation of online DDoS service providers, they have successfully taken down 15 DDoS-for-hire...

Companies Targeted by Korean Hackers Using the Zeplin Platform

In recent attacks against organizations using the Zeplin collaboration platform, a Korean threat actor known as Higaisa used malicious LNK files to target organisations. Active...