Nova Warns Data Breach

Nova warns listeners against data breaches which affect 250,000 Australians

Nova Entertainment of Lachlan Murdoch warned more than 250,000 listeners that data collected between 2009 and 2011 was publicly disclosed, including residential addresses and...
Twitter social media

How & why vigilant hacker took over celebrity and journalist twitter accounts?

An online security hacking agency has “hijacked “multiple Twitter accounts in an attempt to comment on online security problems. On Thursday the message: “This account...
Wannacry Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware is still available – Infected thousands of systems

WannaCry is still alive and every week thousands of people ping the kill-switch domain. The company Kryptos Logic still contains and monitors malware,...

Phishing Campaigns to Bypass 2 Factor Authentications – Google and Yahoo Accounts Are Targeted

A number of phishing campaigns aimed at hundreds of people in the Middle East and North Africa. The aggressor targets HRDs, journalists, politicians. Amnesty International...
Latin America

In 2018 – Latin America suffered one billion malware attacks

Latin America, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab, sees an average of 3.7 million malware attacks a day and about 1 billion occurrences...
Av Mac

Four months after its debut, AV providers did not detect sneaky malware on Mac.

Does Apple give AV providers malware definitions? New analysis indicates no. Enlarge / A VirusTotal screenshot showing only two AV providers detected malware, four weeks...

Cybercriminals control malware via twitter

In these days, you can scroll through a whole page in your news feeds without meeting at least one meme. They’re everywhere and not just...
Capital install malware

Capitalinstall malware targets healthcare, Microsoft Azure delivers payload

Cloud storage providers provide virus and malware scanning, but it is not sufficient to assume that cloud files are not malicious. Malicious actors use creative...
U.S. Department of Justice charges

The U.S. Department of Justice charges 2 Chinese citizens with a massive breach of...

Hundreds of gigabytes' of hacked data from 12 countries, including Canada The Department of Justice has charged two Chinese citizens with an extensive hacking campaign...
NASA Breach

NASA Breach – What happened and who is affected?

Nasa became the last major organization to suffer a cyber attack after an internal memo revealed that information about its employees had been leaked. In...