Windows update

Windows 10 1903 Users Report Errors Installing KB4512508 Update

Many users have reported that they cannot install Windows 10 1903's recent cumulative update KB4512508 since they fail to install various error codes such...
Facebook Messages

How to read others Facebook messages without password?

Facebook plays an important role in our daily lives, redefining the way of communication throughout the world. It is one of the largest social...
pname com facebook orca

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error and How to Fix It?

How to Fix It Pname Com Facebook Orca Error? Pname Com Facebook Orca troubling messages for Android or iOS devices are an error signal when...

Microsoft Fixes Corrupted Windows Defender Files When Using SFC

Microsoft has released a new update on Windows Defender to solve SFC / scan problem with the detection of corrupted PowerShell Windows Defender files. A...

3 Ways to Monitor the Number of a Cell Phone Location

There are many reasons why you want a cell phone location to be monitored. Besides knowing where it is, tracking can lead to its...
Android Device

How to Unlock Your Android Device Using Android Device Manager?

Android has a tool to find and wipe your stolen device remotely. You use patterns, passwords or fingerprints to maintain the security of your phone...
MITM attack over HTTPS

MITM attack over SSL Strip HTTPS Link

MITM attack transparently hijacks HTTP traffic on a network with SSLStrip, searches for HTTPS links and redirects and maps these links into similar HTTP...

Best WiFi Hacker Applications for Android works

Technological progress has led to a significant increase in internet use. Move into new colleges and everywhere you can find WiFi zones. Even the...

Clever Amazon Phishing Scam Creates Login Prompts in PDF Docs

The purpose of any phishing scam is to cause you not to do anything. This is the case with a phishing campaign that uses...
WordPress Hacked

How To Remove Malware From Hacked WordPress Site? (DIY)

Few things before we start Whatever platform you use, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc... Any site can be hacked! You may lose search engine rankings when your...