New Malware frame uses Ad Fraud Browser Extension

Researchers uncovered a new and highly prolific malware environment, in which their creators generate over a period of only 3 months, over one billion...
Lenovo servers

Gigabyte and Lenovo servers affected by common defects in BMC firmware

A nightmare can be flipped by two different bugs, EOLs and a complex supply chain. For certain of their server-dedicated motherboards, Gigabyte and Lenovo published...

App Malvertising Group behind Windows 10 Pushed 100 M Ads in 2019

A group based in Hong Kong has been identified behind the recent outbreaks of malicious ads via Windows 10 apps and Microsoft games. This...

This new ransomware targets connected storage devices for the network

A newly found form of ransomware targets network storage devices, which use weak credential brute-forced data and exploit known vulnerabilities in their systems. The new...
Ryuk ransomware attack

NCSC issued an emergency alert for Ryuk Ransomware that attacks globally

The UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) issued a warning for the Ryuk ransomware attack that actively aims at global Emotet and TrickBot malware...
malware scraps IoT devices

New Silex malware scraps IoT devices using passwords by default

A teen coder and his team created a new malware called Silex, which in a short time deliberately bricked IoT phones that were poorly...
Ransomware attacks in Florida

Attackers earn over $1 million in Ransomware attacks in Florida

Hackers launching ransomware attacks against Florida municipalities blocked earnings in excess of $1 million this month as two city administrators found no alternative way...

Sodinokibi Ransomware Pushed by Malvertising and Exploit Kits

The Sodinokibi Ransomware was found to be delivered through malvertising to the RIG exploit kit. Sodinokibi is now using exploit kits to infect victims...

DHS CISA warns of Iranian hackers’ habit of deploying data-wiping malware

CISA also warns against the favorite methods of other Iranian hackers: spraying passwords, stuffing credentials, spear-phishing. The cyber-security agency of the Department of Homeland Security...
Data breach

Data of 645k Oregonians exposed following a phishing assault by nine DHS staff

Phishing attack allows hackers to enter staff accounts of Oregon DHS. Over 645,000 Oregonians who signed up with the State Department of Human Services (DHS)...