Data breach

National Railroad Passenger Corporation Has Disclosed a Data Breach

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) has disclosed a data breach that could result in a customer personally identifiable information (PII) compromise. On 16 April...

Zoom Application Revealed that the Keys Used to Encrypt and Decrypt Meetings May Sent...

A recent review of the Zoom video conferencing software revealed that, even though all participants located in other countries, the keys for encrypting and...

Credit-Card Details have been Accessed by “Highly Sophisticated” Hackers

UK budget airline easyJet has announced a massive data breach involving more than 2,000 credit card details affecting nine million of its customers. Today EasyJet...
Marriott Hackers

Marriott International Discloses Second Security Breach

Marriott, the world's largest guest room hotel chain, announced on Tuesday that a security risk related to the loyalty app of the company affected...

Google Chrome 77 New Site Protection Improvements Added

Google announced with Google Chrome 77 launch that site insulation was delivered to Android and additional protectors were given to mobile users when this...
Detect Weak Passwords

John the Ripper – Offline Password Cracking Pentesting Tool for Weak Passwords

John the Ripper is a fast password cracker designed to be both rich and fast elements. It integrates a variety of destructive modes in...

Azure Active Directory Protection Improves Windows with New Roles

Microsoft has today announced that 16 new lower privileged positions in the Azure Active Directory (AD) are available in advance to assist administrators improve...
printers exposed online

Over 80000 Printers Sensitive Data Exposed Online Includes WiFi SSIDs

Security researchers have warned for years that every device left online unprotected by a firewall is an attack surface. Hackers can deploy exploits to take...
US financial industry

US financial regulator warns of a massive phishing campaign

FINRA warns of a phishing campaign aimed at stealing passwords from Microsoft Office or SharePoint leaders. The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued...

Ransomware Attacks State Systems in Louisiana

Contained Ransomware and some devices were already restored. Today, a ransomware infection has been discovered in a range of tweets by IT systems and websites...