Cyber Security

How to protect the website of your personal brand from a cyber attack?

The website of our personal brand is your calling card to attract loyal followers, and an unexpected cyber attack can cost you money and time. 1. What activity types are you monitoring from the back? With...

How your sensitive data can be protected?

A key data security trend in 2019 highlights the challenge of protecting access to increased volumes of sensitive data. Business owners should therefore be careful about their data.“More companies migrate their application workloads to...
Unlock windows with finger print

How to Unlock Windows Computer using Android Fingerprint Unlock Scanner?

Have you ever wanted to unlock the PC using Android fingerprint scanner remotely? You can now unlock your windows with your Android Remote Fingerprint unlock application with the help of exceptionally secure applications.It was...
Facebook Messages

How to read others Facebook messages without password?

Facebook plays an important role in our daily lives, redefining the way of communication throughout the world. It is one of the largest social media with millions of users exchanged daily. A number of...
Torrent Website Banned

How to Open Blocked Torrent Websites

Torrent websites that redistribute pirated or copyright content have depended on the copyright holders ' radars. Content manufacturers and copyright holders try their best to block access to websites that facilitate torrents.The government and...
How to check Legitimate

How to check whether the Website is Safe to use – Is it a...

Malicious websites are available everywhere on the Internet, finding a trusted website is very difficult. We must navigate intelligently and ensure that the site is not dangerous with multiple approaches.Generally speaking, it is good...
A New Wifi Hack

2019 New Method for cracking WPA WPA2 PSK to access WiFi network passwords

The new WPA / WPA2 cracking method has enabled WiFi networks that allow attackers to access pre-shared key hash that used to crack target victims ' passwords.This method was discovered during the attack against...