Moto Z4

Moto Z4 launched by Lenovo’s Motorola with value, high specs and business potential

In the Android market, the real action is on lower cost phones that add features to compete with Samsung's premium devices. Motorola's Moto Z4...
Hackers Accessed Information

Hackers Accessed T-Mobile Prepaid Customer Information

This week, T-Mobile told a number of prepaid customers that their personal information might have been compromised by a hacker attack. Recently, the company found...
FBI sezies

FBI Recently Took Down a Russian-Based Online Hacker Platform and Arrests Admin

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has newly opened a Russian-based internet marketplace where many cybercrime goods and services offered, the Department of Justice reported...
Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS Updates CKEditor to Patch XSS Vulnerabilities

The Drupal Content Management System (CMS) developers reported on Wednesday that changes to versions 8.8.x and 8.7.x fix a variety of bugs concerning the...
vmware AI

AI-based network analysis VMware to purchase Nyansa

Nyansa's AIOps cloud-based software will be integrated with VeloCloud, VMware's SD-WAN application. VMware revealed on Tuesday its intentions to purchase Nyansa, a California-based Palo Alto...
Government staff mine cryptocurrency

Vollgar Botnet Launches Brute-Force Attacks Against MSSQL DB’s to Install Vollar Cryptocurrency Miners

A malware botnet has been launching brute-force attacks against Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) databases since May 2018, which used to take over administration accounts and then...
Internet of things

Accenture acquires Callisto integration services for automated manufacturing

This is the third recent acquisition of Accenture related to digital manufacturing. On Tuesday, Accenture announced the acquisition of Callisto Integration, a digital manufacturing service...
Email breach mobile payments

Mobile Payments users Beware: Nearly 773 million records have been breached recently

Well, congratulations, people; we managed to get into the New Year a little more than two weeks before we heard about a data breach. However,...

5G standalone core tests are successful for Samsung and SK Telecom

Deployment of 5G SA cores is expected to begin shortly after December. Samsung and SK Telecom has developed a 5G SA switchboard prototype with a...

Mozilla Ready to Remove Support for the FTP From The Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla is getting set to drop File Transfer Protocol (FTP) support from the Firefox web browser due to security issues. FTP has been used for...