3 Ways to Hide Your iPhone Text and iMessages

Data privacy for iPhone users is increasingly important, particularly for messages they send and receive. People don't want to have their messages and data...

Mozilla Ready to Remove Support for the FTP From The Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla is getting set to drop File Transfer Protocol (FTP) support from the Firefox web browser due to security issues. FTP has been used for...

Cybersecurity Firm Suffers Security Breach, Client Info Exposed

Imperva Cybersecurity Company today reported a safety incident that has led to information exposure influencing a subset of clients using its earlier recognized product,...
DSLR camera

Canon DSLR Camera Infected with Ransomware Over the Air

Image transfer capabilities in digital cameras allowed a safety investigator to infect a Canon EOS 80D DSLR with ransomware over a rogue WiFi connection. A...
cloud ibm

Cloud Backup Provider SOS Online Backup has Exposed 135 Million Records Online

Cloud backup provider SOS Online Backup has exposed 135 million records online in the most recent case of a company failing to secure its...
Whatsapp Update Fake News

WhatsApp limited delivery to five instances to prevent the spread of false news

WhatsApp users can only send messages up to five times after the implementation of the new update. WhatsApp sets a worldwide limit of five times...
Windows 10 Updates

How to Make Windows 10 Pause Time Updates?

Microsoft launches updates each month to support Windows 10 with improvements, bug fixes and security updates. Sadly, these updates also introduce certain vulnerabilities that...
Gmail Dot Account

Google Sees More than 18 Million Malware and Phishing Emails Related to COVID-19 Daily

In the past week, Google detected more than 18 million COVID-19 malware and phishing emails sent daily. The Internet giant receives more than 240 million...
IOT 2019

2019 IOT trends and forecasts – What next?

Technology is part of our lives. AI and IoT track organizations and consumers want clever city convenience with the assurance that their data is...
AMD third-generation series Ryzen

AMD third-generation series Ryzen, led by 12-core Ryzen 9 beasts, coming in July

A range of chips starting from $ 330 to $ 500 for the Ryzen 9 12 core. AMD announced on Monday the lineup of its...