Adobe Patches

Common Flaws Adobe Patches in Acrobat, Brackets, Photoshop

The December 2019 update of Adobe Patch Tuesday fixes vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader, Brackets, Photoshop and ColdFusion products. A maximum of 21 vulnerabilities, including...
Godaddy removes javascript

GoDaddy removes JavaScript injection that tracks the performance of the website, but can also...

By default, RUM was opt-in, but GoDaddy promised to turn the feature off-at least for now. GoDaddy injects JavaScript into customer websites for tracking purposes...
data protection

The rise of the intricate data protection network of Huawei

As smartphones develop at the speed of lightning in the digital age, data privacy has become a key consideration for innovation. Taking a closer...

SuperFetch Server Host Address 100% disk use in Windows 10

After all methods have been tried, Microsoft has finally pushed most people to their latest Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 has brought a host...

Mastercard enhances security of payment online in LatAm

In addition to retailers and banks, the company wants to improve online payment security standards in the region. Mastercard intends to increase the security of...
Ransomware attack

Nemty Ransomware Announced that they were Shutting down their Service for a Week

The operators of Nemty ransomware announced that after ten months of operations, they were shutting down their service this week. For those not aware of...
Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Search Engine Bing is back online in China

Bing returns online after an accidental technical error has reportedly been blocked. According to Bloomberg News sources, Microsoft's Bing could not be accessed in China...

Microsoft is unveiling new business security tools based on the cloud

Microsoft released details of two cloud-based security tools for large organizations in an announcement prior to the RSA Conference. The new tools use AI...
iOS and iPadOS 13

Apple just released the first beta for iOS and iPadOS 13

This is your opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of iOS — and iPadOS. Apple recently released its first 13 public beta...

Malware Sandboxing Firm VMRay Raises $10 Million

The $10 million B funding round under Digital+ Partners has closed in Bochum, Germany-based VMRay, bringing the complete amount raised so far to just...