Walgreens Mobile App Bug Leaked Customers’ Messages

A flaw in the Walgreens mobile app has leaked messages from consumers The Walgreens drug store chain has revealed a data breach that has upset...
Windows 10

Windows 10 to Get Security Option for PUA / PUP

PUA / PUP-blocking option to update to Windows 10 May 2020. The next major version of the Windows 10 operating system will include a new...
Online Stores

Web Skimmers Are Used By Hackers to Hack Online Stores

In the EXIF metadata of an image that was then sureptitiously loaded by compromised online stores, Malwarebytes reveals, a group of cybercriminals managed to...

Hacker Hijacked YouTube Accounts and Renamed it to Microsoft Brands to Broadcast a Cryptocurrency...

TTA hacker has stolen hundreds of YouTube accounts, renamed them to various Microsoft brands, and is currently broadcasting a Ponzi cryptocurrency scam to hundreds...

EU to Restart Push for WhatsApp Regulation, Skype Privacy

On Tuesday, the EU is restarting its impasse to tighten up regulations on the Internet phone and on messaging services such as WhatsApp, Skype...
3 Million TLS Certificates

Let’s Encrypt Project will Revoke more than 3 Million TLS Certificates

Let's Encrypt provided 3,048,289 TLS certificates for the requested domain without testing the CAA field. On Thursday, March 4 2020, Let's Encrypt will revoke more...
Data Protection

Key Elements and Important Changes to the GDPR Regulation

The GDPR applied on 25 May 2018, this new legislation applies to all companies collecting and processing data belonging to European Union (EU) citizens....

Zoom Free Users Wont be Getting End-to-End Encryption

Zoom's chief executive revealed on Tuesday that no end-to-end encryption will be offered to free users as the company wants to assist the FBI...

General Electric (GE) Personal Information of Some Employees Hit by Data Breach at Canon

General Electric (GE) announced last week that the confidential records of certain staff might have been exposed as a consequence of a loss of...
Ransomware attacks

ThiefQuest Mac Malware Encrypt Files Like Ransomware

Researchers have discovered a new Mac malware which encrypts files like a piece of ransomware on compromised systems, but also allows its operators to...