Ubuntu security patch

Ubuntu 18.04 must be patched

Canonical updates Ubuntu 18.04 to the Linux kernel 4.15.0-44.47 to fix several security bugs. Ubuntu is an extremely popular server, cloud and desktop Linux...

Different Types of Ethical hacking techniques & simple ways to avoid them

Hackers come in many ways with sophisticated hacking techniques, although online security has been discussed a lot in recent years; many people are still...
Mozilla Anti tracking

Mozilla publishes official anti- tracking policy for Firefox

Mozilla gives details of what types of websites and abusive user tracking practices Firefox versions intend to block in the future. Mozilla today published a...
Total Donations

WordPress sites under attack via the Total Donations plugin

WordPress site owners using the "Total Donations "plugin are advised to remove the plugin from their servers in order to prevent hackers from exploiting...
Deepweb search engine

10 Best hidden (Deep & Dark) Web Search Engines of 2020

Last updated: May 2020 The deep web is content you can't find on a search engine, such as your personal email account, social media accounts,...
Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Search Engine Bing is back online in China

Bing returns online after an accidental technical error has reportedly been blocked. According to Bloomberg News sources, Microsoft's Bing could not be accessed in China...
IOS Update

Update this now! Apple releases iOS and macOS patches first in 2019

Apple has released its January security updates fixing a list of common CVE flaws affecting iOS and macOS with Safari, watchOS, tvOS and Windows...
Top Free VPN Apps

Top free VPN apps that carry privacy bugs and are a potential malware source

Twenty-five percent of apps requested tracking permission. Few applications wanted to use the camera and the microphone of the device or send text messages. A...
Email breach mobile payments

Mobile Payments users Beware: Nearly 773 million records have been breached recently

Well, congratulations, people; we managed to get into the New Year a little more than two weeks before we heard about a data breach. However,...
10 Effective ways to secure your computer from cyber attacks

10 Effective ways to secure your computer from cyber attacks

Hackers always seek new ways to collect your most sensitive data through cyber-attacks. It's not easy to stay safe, but you can block 99...