3 Important steps to get your SMB new technology

This must be the most interesting time for many entrepreneurs to run a company. At every turn, a certain technology start - up comes up...
Microsoft Released

Microsoft Released Internet Explorer Security Updates zero- day

Microsoft released remote code execution vulnerability security updates with Internet Explorer allowing an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the current user context. CVE-2018-8653 is...

Hacker Discloses new unpatched exploitation of Windows Zero- Day on Twitter

A security researcher with Twitter, aka SandboxEscaper, released today Proof of Concept (PoC) exploits a new zero-day vulnerability affecting the Windows operating system of...

FBI Seizes 15 websites of DDoS- For- Hire, 3 operators charged

The FBI saved only Christmas The United States Department of Justice announced earlier today that the FBI has seized domains from 15 " DDoS-for-hire "...

Facebook has provided users with personal data access, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, etc.

The internal document on Facebook shows that it gave users access to personal data on some of the technology gains, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft,...
IOT & Supply chain

IOT & Supply Chain – Is it right to go?

In supply chains throughout the world today, a technological transformation takes place. As companies work to build agile, digitally-activated supply chains, their greatest challenge is...
IOT 2019

2019 IOT trends and forecasts – What next?

Technology is part of our lives. AI and IoT track organizations and consumers want clever city convenience with the assurance that their data is...
Unlock windows with finger print

How to Unlock Windows Computer using Android Fingerprint Unlock Scanner?

Have you ever wanted to unlock the PC using Android fingerprint scanner remotely? You can now unlock your windows with your Android Remote Fingerprint...
Facebook Messages

How to read others Facebook messages without password?

Facebook plays an important role in our daily lives, redefining the way of communication throughout the world. It is one of the largest social...
Torrent Website Banned

How to Open Blocked Torrent Websites

Torrent websites which redistribute pirated or copyright content have depended on the copyright holders ' radars. Content manufacturers and copyright holders try their best...