Over 47,000 Supermicro servers are exposing BMC ports on the internet

Researchers discovered a new remote attack vector on Supermicro servers that are exposing their BMC port over the internet. Patches are available. More than 47,000...
Alert from Microsoft

Beware of Fake Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity Emails

In this article we look at a phishing campaign which pretends to be a Microsoft "Unusual sign-in activity" alert that could readily make someone...
Open source search server

Exposed Sphinx Servers Are No Challenge for Hackers

Attackers can use Sphinx's Internet-exposed web servers to access, change, or extract the information from the database, warns CERT-Bund, Germany's emergency reaction computer team. Sphinx,...

Cisco Released a Security Patches to Fix Vulnerabilities Across its Products

This week, Cisco issued security updates fixing various product-wide vulnerabilities, including significant severe defects affecting IP Phones and the UCS manager. The critical vulnerability fixed...
hacking Security

SAP Latest Security Patches Released to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities

SAP released this week its latest package of security updates with a total of 23 security notices, including five for Hot News vulnerabilities. The most...

Spoof Blockchain.com fraudsters to steal Cryptocurrency $27 million

The law enforcement agencies in Europe have arrested a group of 6 persons by creating a website that impersonates Blockchain.com for emptying cryptocurrency wallets...
Microsoft require only security updates

Microsoft’s Window Released an Update to Fix 113 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft's April 2020 update Tuesday updates fix 113 vulnerabilities, including three Windows bugs exploited for arbitrary code execution and privilege escalation assaults. Microsoft has patched...
Router attack Brazil

Brazil’s new router type attack is at the forefront

Avast: In Brazil in the first quarter of 2019 over 180,000 routers changed their DNS settings. Brazilian users have been attacked for almost a year...

PoC Publishes Researcher’s Latest Android Zero-Day Exploit

A security investigator has released a Proof of Concept (PoC) exploit for Android's newly addressed zero-day vulnerability affecting Pixel 2 devices. Tracked as CVE-2019-2215, the...

WordPress 5.2.3 Patches Several XSS Vulnerabilities

On Thursday, developers of WordPress announced that version 5.2.3, a maintenance and safety release with 29 fixes and improvements, along with several security patches,...