Are you sick of iOS being such a closed operating system that you can’t install anything from outside your own store, but you don’t want to (and rightly so) risk a jailbreak? Though few, you can try alternatives.

CokernutX is a completely free application installer that acts as an alternative store, in the style of the historic Cydia that, unlike the App Store, does not allow any personal Apple account from a given country to operate properly. Every app or game in the store can be activated simply by clicking its button, with no territorial restrictions or demanding passwords or payments.

Core Characteristics

    • It includes all content forms, such as pirated games, free-paid apps or + + apps, i.e. updated apps with more configurable settings than the official ones.
    • Fast to mount, and no intermediate measures, no jailbreak requirement.
    • It claims to be a secure platform that uses standard SSL encryption to deliver applications.
    • It includes modifications to great tops such as Spotify, Minecraft, Pokémon GO, Snapchat or Instagram among the more than 5,000 free applications to download.
    • Any developer can get their apps published in the store easily.
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Cokernutx Features

App NameCokernutX
Jailbreak RequiredNo
OS RequirementiOS 10 or Above
Last Update2020 May
        • No jailbreaking is needed
        • The entire inventory of apps is free
        • Revoke free
        • Compatible with many iOS devices
        • Sleek and smooth layout
        • Advertisement free
        • Everything is secured

CokernutX installation

Step 1: Start the Safari browser and tap on the button above to download CokernutX.

Step 2: To grant your system installation permissions tap the “Allow” button.

CokernutX Edition

Step 3: Go to Settings > General > Profile, then pick and install the “CokernutX Installer” version.

App CokernutX

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish successfully.

System installer

    • Go to Preferences > Profile > General.
    • Pick and tap User Profile.
    • Select ‘Delete Account’ button.
    • When to download CokernutX to Apps

Step 1: Navigate and spot the Appstore on CokernutX. The search option within the app is readily available to you. In the search box enter the name of the desired app.

CokernutX Edition

Step 2: Navigate through the list of applications and pick the one you like.

Step 3: Click the to install GET button.

Error Fixes

The most common mistake that you might face is the Untrusted Developer Error. This can happen if you missed selecting “trust” in the profiles and device management while changing your settings before installing the app store.
To correct the error follow the steps described below.

    • Follow: Settings > General > Profile.
    • Pick the CokernutX profile.
    • Tap on “Confidence”
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Frequently Questions Asked:

Let us then answer them for you

How do I fix the error with the untrusted developer?

Quickly, especially since it’s the most common error when using inofficial content:

    • Open your App Settings for iOS
    • Go to General > Profiles and Control Apps
    • Tap the list installer profile, and tap Trust
    • Close the settings, the Emsu4U error is gone

Does Emsu4U make my contract void?

No. The app does not require any special installation methods when you install Emus4U, and does not break into Apple’s protections. Some of the Cydia modifications, however, could change the way your system operates, and that may void your warranty. No problem; if you need to take your iPhone or iPad back to an Apple store, simply first delete the modifications.

Is that Safe?

Secure App

Yeah, secure at 100 percent. Before being released publicly, Emus4U has been thoroughly checked, and there is no malware, virus, or anything else that can damage your computer or data. The device is tracked and any issues that occur are instantly fixed. It takes a small amount of space on your computer and does not conflict with any other service or program on your network. And since root access is not needed, it does not expose your computer to external problems. Finally, the developers are using SSL encryption to make sure you and your data are absolutely secure.

Is Cybersecurity Boring?

There’s a major difference between installing Cydia and installing Emus4U-Cydia has the potential to leave your iPhone or iPad open to malware; Emsu4U doesn’t and can’t. Also, Apple may void your warranty when you install Cydia; they can’t do that with Emsu4U.

Last but not least,

May I ask for a specific Game or App:

Yes, you can of course. We’re not going to guarantee it will happen but you can place your question on the developers’ Twitter list. Keep in mind that it is not possible to add all apps or games.

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