Cybersecurity Degrees in Maine- This article will look at the cybersecurity colleges in Maine and what the state has to offer in terms of cybersecurity degrees and job opportunities.

Cybersecurity Development in Maine

Maine is the country’s northernmost state, with a population of only 1.3 million people. It’s no wonder that outdoor tourism and other natural resource businesses like fishing and logging fuel the majority of its economic development.

However, technological advancements have recently accelerated, in tandem with a government push to expand the number of cybersecurity educational programmes offered in the country’s higher education system.

Maine does not have any Fortune 500 firms within its boundaries, nor is it the headquarters of many corporations, due to the lack of major metropolitan areas. However, the state is home to a number of larger firms, such as banks and insurance companies, which are excellent places to look for cybersecurity jobs.

When it comes to cybersecurity and digital development in general, Portland is by far the most developed city in Maine. Because of the gorgeous landscapes and small-town atmosphere that many of Maine’s cities remain well into the twenty-first century, you might wish to live in Maine and work remotely.

Cybersecurity Degrees in Maine

Maine is a fantastic place to go if you want to get a good cybersecurity education. In fact, the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security have designated all of the institutions in the University of Maine system, or UMS, as National Centers of Academic Excellence for the subject. In a nutshell, any programmes accredited in this way will have industry-standard curriculums, and recruiters from government cybersecurity agencies will visit the colleges hosting those programmes.

Maine has additional cybersecurity education advantages that you can’t overlook, even if this isn’t one of them. For example, the University of Maine Cybersecurity Lab, which is located on the UMS flagship campus, offers many cybersecurity workshops for students and frequently hosts guest speakers. There is a lot of networking going on, and there are a lot of opportunities to improve your cybersecurity abilities even further.

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The one major disadvantage of this state in terms of educational opportunities is that there are no master’s degrees accessible at any of its universities, either on-campus or online. If students wish to continue their cybersecurity education after completing their bachelor’s degree, they must either move to another state or enrol in an online master’s programme.

Let’s take a look at some of the cybersecurity options in this state.


Campus-based cybersecurity associate’s degrees in Maine

Associate’s degrees in cybersecurity are a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about the area. They frequently include a large number of general education subjects, but they typically provide the essentials or foundational information needed to excel in cybersecurity.

In Maine, there are two on-campus associate degree programmes: one at Central Maine Community College and one at Southern Maine Community College. Network security and computer forensics or cybersecurity are the subjects of these programmes, respectively. For students interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, the former is an excellent option.

Online associate degrees

The only online associate degree option in Maine is offered by the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and it is in information security. This is similar to a general cybersecurity degree, but it includes a lot of general computer science expertise in addition to cybersecurity-specific coursework.


Campus cybersecurity bachelor’s degrees in Maine

Bachelor’s degrees are an excellent option for individuals who want to pursue cybersecurity as a career. The curriculum for these degrees is more focused on actual cybersecurity topics rather than just core computer science. Many of them also provide work internships or practical projects, both of which can be used to demonstrate abilities and are occasionally required for graduation.

Bachelor’s degrees are the most common sort of degree required to work in the cybersecurity sector.

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Maine colleges and universities offer four bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity.

  • The University of Southern Maine offers two of them: one is a particular Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, and the other allows you to major in cybersecurity literacy and minor in something else. This last choice is ideal if you want to work in computer science but aren’t entirely committed to the cybersecurity field.
  • The University of Maine at Fort Kent has reintroduced its Computer Applications programme, which includes cybersecurity in several of its offerings. However, this is a more generalised degree than a comprehensive cybersecurity degree. If you want to study security and cyber defence, Thomas College is the place to go.

Online bachelor’s degrees

Both the University of Maine at Fort Kent and the University of Maine at Augusta offer online bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity. These courses follow the same curriculum as the on-campus courses listed above, but they allow students to complete their education on a more flexible schedule.


Campus-based cybersecurity certificate programmes in Maine

Cybersecurity credentials are a wonderful option for persons who aren’t entirely dedicated to the subject as a major vocation or who wish to expand their skill set in order to pursue a job in the industry, such as an IT administrator.

Online certificate programmes

The University of Maine at Fort Kent provides a single cybersecurity certificate programme. This information security certificate is ideal for pairing with a computer science degree that does not expressly focus on cybersecurity. Students can also use it to get a taste of the field and determine if it’s something they’d like to explore further.

School City Program Website
Central Maine Community College Auburn Associate in Applied Science in Network Security / Computer Forensics
Southern Maine Community College South Portland Associate Degree in Cyber Security
University of Maine at Fort Kent Fort Ken Associate of Science in Information Security
Thomas College Waterville Bachelor of Science in Security & Cyber Defense
University of Maine at Fort Kent Fort Kent Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications – Information Security Concentration
University of Southern Maine Portland Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security
University of Southern Maine Portland Minor in Cyber Security Literacy
University of Maine at Augusta Augusta Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
University of Maine at Fort Kent Fort Kent Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
University of Maine at Fort Kent Fort Kent Information Security- Certificate
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Cybersecurity Jobs in Maine

Maine is a remote and sparsely populated state with only a few significant cities to support a cybersecurity workforce. Because Portland, Maine, is by far the largest cybersecurity hub and metropolitan area, the majority of cybersecurity workers will either live in the area or work there.

According to, the state now employs about 5000 cybersecurity professionals, with an additional 992 cybersecurity job opportunities. The cybersecurity worker-to-demand ratio is also 5.0, which is significantly greater than the national average of 2.0 for comparable positions. To put it another way, the pickings are narrow within the state, but there aren’t as many workers as there are in other states throughout the country.

Maine’s earnings are around average in comparison to several other states in the country. A cybersecurity worker in Maine earns an average hourly wage of $39.55, equating to an annual compensation of $82,270.

Maine’s average wages are lower than those in Maryland or Massachusetts, yet it is still a less expensive state to live in than many others around the country. Maine’s cost of living is 96.5 on a scale of 100, with 100 being the national average. In other words, in this remote yet lovely state, your cybersecurity salary will stretch further than in many others.

Maine and Cybersecurity

Overall, when it comes to cybersecurity education and employment, Maine is a bit of a mixed bag. It boasts a number of outstanding programmes up to the bachelor’s degree level, but no degree alternatives beyond that, and work opportunities are limited in comparison to many other states.

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