Cybersecurity Degrees in Oregon- This list includes information on cybersecurity colleges in Oregon, as well as online cybersecurity degrees and other training choices.

Oregon’s location in the northwest corner of the United States, right below Washington, has long determined its course. For decades, the state’s enormous mountain forests provided a large source of lumber, and fishing and agriculture were also big business. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Pacific Ocean has made Oregon an ideal port for trade and transit.

However, hard times slammed Oregon’s economy hard in the 1980s, leaving the state in desperate need of a new path. Since then, the state has attempted to focus on creating a manufacturing, service, and high-tech basis. By far the state’s major export is computers and technical products.

International hackers, particularly those with political motivations, are increasingly pursuing transportation as a desirable target. High-tech production is, of course, a favourite target for industrial espionage. Due to the vast amounts of highly sensitive data held by Oregon’s healthcare and business services industries, top-tier cybersecurity measures are also required.

The Environment for Cybersecurity in Oregon

The state of Oregon’s economy is well suited to the cybersecurity business. However, because the state has the 26th largest economy in the United States, the state’s information security activity is currently small in compared to other states. However, both the government and the corporate sector are increasingly attempting to make cybersecurity a priority.

The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) is a membership organisation dedicated to promoting all things technological in Oregon. Members come from a wide range of technical businesses, and the association is divided into several “community.” Cyber Security of the Southern Willamette Valley is one such group, which hosts regular “meetups” for professional networking and idea exchange. TAO also works to promote technology education and incentives in order to attract top technology talent to Oregon.

Advantages of Outsourced Business Processes

Oregon’s state government, like many others, has enacted a number of legislation in an attempt to strengthen its own information security procedures. Internal audits and the establishment of the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council are two outcomes of the legislation passed thus far. In addition, the state now employs a Chief Information Officer in charge of the security of public databases and networks. An annual one-day Cybersecurity Summit is co-hosted by the Council and TAO. The Council’s purpose also includes promoting Oregon’s cybersecurity workforce, as well as information security research and education programmes.

Cybersecurity Degrees in Oregon

At least three institutions have now launched dedicated cybersecurity education programmes.

  • The Oregon Center for Cybersecurity and an associate’s degree programme in cybersecurity are now available at Mt. Hood Community College. The cybersecurity centre is an unusually strong commitment to information security education among community colleges in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security has designated MHCC as a Center for Academic Excellence Two-Year Institution.
  • A six-person cybersecurity team has been created at Oregon State University to conduct research in various areas of cybersecurity and to act as the core faculty for the school’s cybersecurity education programme.
    The University of Oregon has created a cybersecurity-focused bachelor’s degree programme. It has also hosted Oregon Cybersecurity Days on campus and launched a cybersecurity bootcamp that allows students to become job-ready in just 24 weeks.


Associate’s degrees typically take two years to finish, allowing you to enter the workforce in considerably less time and for much less money than a four-year degree. There are still plenty of entry-level positions and organisations willing to accept people with a specialised cybersecurity associate’s degree in cybersecurity.

Campus-based associate’s degrees in Oregon

At the moment, Oregon colleges offer two cybersecurity associate’s degree programmes that may be completed on-campus. Lane Community College provides a Computer Network Operations Associate of Applied Science programme. An Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity and Networking is available at Mt. Hood Community College.

Does Cyber Security Require Programming?

Online associate’s degrees in Oregon

If you prefer an online degree, Umpqua Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity programme.


Today’s job market for cybersecurity specialists is extremely competitive, with most industries requiring more workers than are currently available. Nonetheless, the majority of information assurance specialisations are highly technical and require substantial training. As a result, individuals with a bachelor’s degree are often preferred for the great majority of cybersecurity jobs. Because of the workforce shortage, technical majors are frequently accepted. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a cybersecurity speciality, on the other hand, will go a long way toward setting you apart from the crowd.

Campus-based bachelor’s degrees in Oregon

Oregon colleges and universities are currently offering two campus-based cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programmes.

  • A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialisation in cybersecurity is available at George Fox University.
  • A Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science with a Security Track is available at the University of Oregon.


Cybersecurity certification programmes are available today for almost any student or professional at any level of their career. Today, there are introductory certifications for new students, specialised certifications for existing professionals, and degree certifications for individuals who don’t have the time to complete an entire degree programme.

Campus-based cybersecurity certifications in Oregon

Only two campus-based cybersecurity certifications are currently available from Oregon schools.

  • Certification in Cybersecurity Fundamentals is an introductory curriculum offered by Portland Community College.
  • Graduate Certificate in Computer Security from Portland State University is a master’s level certification.

Online cybersecurity certifications in Oregon

In Oregon, there is currently only one online cybersecurity certification programme. Linfield College offers a certificate programme in cybersecurity and digital forensics.

School City Program Website
Lane Community College Eugene Associate of Applied Science in Computer Network Operations
Mt Hood Community College Gresham Associate of Applied Science in CyberSecurity and Networking
Umpqua Community College Roseburg Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems – Cybersecurity
George Fox University Newberg Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Cyber Security Concentration
University of Oregon Eugene Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science – Security Track
Portland Community College Portland Certificate in Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Portland State University Portland Graduate Certificate in Computer Security
Linfield College McMinnville Certificate in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
Cyber Security Analyst Salary

Cybersecurity Jobs in Oregon

The size of Oregon’s cybersecurity industry is comparable to the state’s entire economy – substantial but not enormous. According to Cyberseek, Oregon hired 10,047 cybersecurity experts in the fiscal year ending September 2019. 4,599 new information assurance job vacancies were advertised in Oregon within the same 12-month period. The majority of these new job opportunities were found in the Portland region, which is the state’s economic hub. Salem, with 264 job positions, was the only city with more than 100 cybersecurity job postings.

The state of Oregon has a reasonably good level of life as a whole. Living in Oregon currently costs around a third more than it does in other states in the United States. Using security analysts as an example of cybersecurity work, it’s clear that pay scales in the field lag behind the state’s quality of living. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, security analysts in Oregon earned an average hourly compensation of $44.53 and an annual salary of $92,620 as of May 2018. These statistics are comparable to, or slightly greater than, the average security analyst salary in the United States.

Cybersecurity in Oregon

The demand for experienced cybersecurity specialists is constantly increasing around the world, and Oregon is no exception. In comparison to other states in the US, Oregon’s information security labour market is not particularly large or constricted.

However, compared to other job categories, it is still a competitive market. Several firms in the state have pledged to bring in new cybersecurity specialists, build high-quality education programmes to increase qualifications, and do high-level research to progress the field.

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