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How to download Kali Linux for Win 10  



Downloading kali Linux for windows 10 PC , i am going to install it in Virtual machine. 

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Simple solution, don't sign up anywhere 🙂

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It's quite simple. 

Click on a download link to go to Kali Linux downloads.

You can choose an ISO file. Save it on your computer local drive.

If your network blocks the Kali website, you can do it using proxy websites like kproxy, boomproxy etc., By the way, it's like downloading it. Another story about how to install it.

Since Kali Linux is used primarily in ethical hacking. If you use it on a virtual machine, it would be much better. Use Ubuntu instead if you want to use linux as a second operating system.

But let's go... Before we start, I recommend 3 + partitions to be created on your system.

One for Windows, one for Linux and the rest for files and data storage.

  1. Make sure you already have Windows 10 installed on the system.After you install Kali, do not install Windows 10.
  2. Download Universal USB Windows Installer from Universal USB Installer
  3. Download Kali Linux from Kali Linux 64-bit or 32-bit version.
  4. Using the Universal USB Installer, create a bootable USB of the above downloaded image file( .iso).
  5. Boot by USB( change boot option to USB). Use the Graphic Setup and follow the instructions.
  6. Do not let the system do it while selecting partitions.
  7. Use the option I create my own partition.
  8. Now, choose the partition reserved for linux while you create a partition.
  9. There's no other partition to install it. Click the-( minus) sign to delete the partition and recreate two partitions. 1st swap partition that should be double RAM size. And the second partition ext4 where linux is installed. Use / in mount or errors will occur.
  10. Then proceed to install. Wait until the installation is finished and the system restarted to ensure that the Grub Boot Loader is successfully installed.
  11. You can choose between Linux and Windows.
  12. Open File Manager and navigate to and open the file etc / apt / sources.list. Remove the existing repositories and add the new repository (you can copy from you... Paste and save it in the file.
  13. Open the terminal and run apt- get clean & & apt- get update & & apt- get upgrade -y & & apt- get dist- upgrade -y It takes a while to update and install updates.
  14. At night, connect the system to the internet, run this command and sleep) It's. Explore.

Explore it. If there is a problem, feel free to contact me.

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