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How to install tor in android?  


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Can anyone help me installing tor browser on android?

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Tor Installation requirements :

Before you install the three apps you need to get Tor up and running on your Android device, you first need to make sure that it is rooted.

In addition, since the required apps are not available in the Google Play Store, you must ensure that you have enabled app installation from unknown sources. Once you have root access, you can download and install OrWall, Orbot and Orweb to get your phone's complete Tor experience.

Step 1: Install OrWall App

OrWall, developed by Cédric Jeanneret, a Swiss privacy activist, is essentially a firewall for your Android that forces all your apps( or just those you select) to use the Tor network to transmit all their data. If an app can not access the internet using the Tor network, the data connection is blocked.

Download OrWall (.apk)

Step 2: Install Orbot

In its simplest form, Orbot is the connector between your device and the Tor network by the great people in the Guardian Project. It makes it easier to transfer data from your apps to the Tor network, but only with apps that support data transmitted via a proxy. Because of this limitation, Orbot and OrWall must be installed on your device, as OrWall helps with apps that do not have proxy support.

Download Orbot (.apk)

Step 3: Install Orweb

Lastly, we have the companion browser the developers created for Orbot in the Guardian Project, called Orweb. While Orbot connects to Tor, Orweb really allows you to use it to surf the web. Since your data bounces through the vast labyrinth of international Tor servers, you will feel that your connection has slowed, but that you have to pay the price for anonymity.

As a bonus, Orweb can also bypass most network restrictions so that you can finally browse Reddit even through the firewall of your office in a quality.

Download Orfox (.apk)

Check and Know You're' anonymous'

With these three apps, you'll be able to keep most of your data safe, but if dozens of security breaches and NSA scandals have told us anything over the past few months, no one's data is 100 percent secure online at all.

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