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How do I stop ads from popping up on my Android phone?  

Victoria Liam
New Member

While unlock my mobile it shows popup ads frequently, even during a call it is popping up and getting some background audio. Its irritating me, i tried uninstalling all recently installed apps. But still it popping up with ads, help me fixing this please.

Topic starter Posted : 01/01/2019 6:41 am
Mark Funk
Member Admin

Although no pop- up blocking method is 100 percent foolproof with the right security practices, the next time you browse the web on your Android mobile you can keep most digital clicks away with this below steps.


1. Open the Chrome, the default browser on Android.

2. Tap More (the three vertical dots) at the top-right of the screen.

3. Touch Settings.

4. Scroll down to Site settings.

5. Touch Pop-Ups to get to the slider that turns off pop-ups.

6. Touch the slider button again to disable the feature.

You need to go on with a third- party browser if you want more aggressive pop- up or ad blocking. In contrast to Chrome for the desktop, the Chrome mobile version for Android does not work with plugins at this time. Alternatives such as Firefox and Samsung do.

Posted : 08/01/2019 6:06 am