How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

How to Fix HBO Max Tech Issues on Roku

Roku now offers HBO Max. Roku users now have the ability to stream their favorite HBO series and movies, after waiting so long. It’s possible to watch classic TV shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Max Originals like The Flight Attendant and Max Originals are also available.

Unfortunately, HBO Max may not work on Roku all the time. Users may encounter technical difficulties from time to time. We’ll be focusing on the most common and show you how to fix them in this guide.

How to fix HBO Max Tech issues on Roku?

Restart Roku, Reboot Your Modem

Before we get into the troubleshooting process, please make sure that you restart your Roku device. Restarting your device will resolve any network issues that may be causing the problem.

You can now physically take out your Roku streaming device. To perform a hard reset, you can re-install the Roku streaming stick.

You can also go to Setting – Systems, and then select System start.

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Restart Roku and Reboot Your Modem
Restart Roku and Reboot Your Modem

Update Roku, or Upgrade Your Device

Roku 9.3 or later is required to use the HBO Max app. You will need to update your Roku model if it is older than 9.3 or later. Roku models which don’t receive the most recent updates will not play HBO Max smoothly.

To update Roku press the Home button on your remote and then go to Setting. Next, select System – Update to check for updates.

Contact Roku Support if you have a Roku that is running OS 9.4.0 or higher and you are still unable to watch HBO Max.

Deactivate Your VPN

To be able to watch HBO Max on Roku you must reside in the United States or one of its territories. You must use your actual IP address. You’ll receive an error message if you use a VPN to conceal your IP address. After you have done that, disable your VPN software.

Re-Add the Channel

Many bugs and glitches can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling HBO Max.

  1. Use your Roku remote to press the Home button.
  2. Navigate to Streaming channels, and then open the Channel Store.
  3. Find HBO Max, and then press OK on the remote.
  4. Select Remove channel then confirm your selection.
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Remove channel
Remove channel

Others have confirmed that the following solution worked for them.

  1. Launch the HBO Max app on your smartphone. Next, open the HBO Max app on your phone.
  2. Now remove the HBO Max app from Roku.
  3. After restarting Roku, reinstall HBO Max.

You need to log out of all devices because Roku may be keeping your old HBO login information. The new HBO Max channel will therefore crash.

You can also unsubscribe to HBO. Next, unsubscribe from HBO and then restart your Roku device. After you have done all of that, add the HBO Max channel again.

Search for the Title

Instead of selecting the title that you wish to see on the home screen, you can use the search function.

Search for the Title
Search for the Title

This workaround has its disadvantages. You can only access four controls: 7-second replay and Pause, Forward, Backward, and Forward. Closed captions and the HBO Max menu cannot be accessed.

Also, you can move slowly through the menu. Allow two to three seconds between actions and selections. This simple trick was used by many users to avoid frequent crashes.

Clear the Cache

  1. Navigate to the Homescreen.
  2. Choose the HBO Max channel.
  3. Next, remove the channel. You can then remove the channel by pressing the asterisk button on your remote.
  4. To clear the cache, restart your Roku device.
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remove the channel by pressing the asterisk
remove the channel by pressing the asterisk

Roku 3500x and HBO Max Devices

Users of 3500x Roku sticks complained that they could not play HBO Max. HBO Max sometimes fails to load content, then stops working completely and returns to the home screen.

The HBO Max app seems to require more RAM and CPU power than the Roku 3500x models are capable of delivering. You may need to upgrade if you have an older Roku model.

It is unlikely that HBO will develop a lighter version of HBO Max to support older Roku devices. We don’t believe Roku will spend the resources and time to create an app that automatically deletes cache data before HBO Max launches.

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