How to Fix Snap++ Not Working

Snap++ does not work 100% fixed on iOS and Android phone to begin taking photos of SnapChat from auto-posting without editing.

Snap++ is a straightforward instrument for automatically taking control of SnapChat camera roll from automatically publishing images and videos on the platform.

If you’re a SnapChat fan, you’ll notice that once a picture is taken, it will automatically upload to series that doesn’t create an avenue for editing the picture before uploading, add emoticons and emojis, add flowers to your SnapChat pictures, and do all kinds of editing.

The Snap++ improvises the new SnapChat++ function to edit images before publishing them to SnapChat, checks how images are published, reads and views receipts in your timeline.

However, if the Snap++ is not working in your mind, I’d share with you how to fix Snap++ that doesn’t work on iOS 11, iOS 12, and free of Android.

Using the TutuApp, once you have the Snap++ IPA installed free on your iOS 11, here a simple trick to fix Snap++ that doesn’t work.

Snap++ Not Working Fix Snap++ Not Working on iOS ForiOS 11 and iOS 12 users, either reset app preferences or clear app caches on your iDevice.

Here’s how to fix Snap++ has stopped working on iOS 11 free.

  1. Tap Settings >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage.
  2. In the top section (Storage), Tap Manage Storage at the top of the Storage option
  3. Select Snap ++ app from the list of apps
  4. Find the entry for document and data
  5. Click on delete App and delete the Snap + app
  6. Launch TutuApp
  7. Search for Snap++
  8. Tap on install
  9. Click on install and install again
  10. Go to phone settings
  11. Click on security
  12. Tap on profile and data management
  13. Under the app Enterprise find Snap+ and add as a trusted app
  14. Confirm
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This operation on your iOS 11 phone will refresh the SnapChat++.

Fix Snap++ Not working on Android

It will clear the pop up stating that Snap+ or Snap++ does not work. Here’s how to maintain Snap++

  • Go to phone settings swiping down the notification tray
  • Scroll down to apps or applications manager
  • Click on Snap++ app
  • Click on storage under Snap++ icon
  • Click on clear caches
  • Done

Now, start your phone with the Snap++ app. The error message that didn’t respond or didn’t work would have been fixed.

However, to check for all applications on your device to reset them back to default, press on the choicer while on the app interface, make sure all applications are selected and click on reset app preferences. Tap the preferences for resetting.


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