How your sensitive data can be protected?

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A key data security trend in 2019 highlights the challenge of protecting access to increased volumes of sensitive data. Business owners should therefore be careful about their data.

“More companies migrate their application workloads to the cloud, and new security needs are beginning to increase as a result of this ” new normal ” of a hybrid model that combines on-site and cloud infrastructure, ” said Gerry Gebel, Axiomatics ‘ Vice President of Business Development.

He adds that asset protection is now key when companies develop new models and tools to protect their sensitive digital assets. All this is necessary in order to maintain their reputation and compliance while improving the overall customer experience.

Keep your cloud data secure

As always, companies put sensitive information on a protective shield to reinforce their competitive edge. Companies integrate more Artificial Intelligence (AI) as data, applications and workflows continue to migrate to the cloud, and Machine Learning (ML) data ensures a smooth change.

One priority is to increase the cloud platform’s basic security capabilities and more companies opt for Microsoft Azure and AWS solutions that offer easier cloud data service. It is not only cheaper, but also more flexible when it comes to data storage.

The emergence of micro services, service meshes and APIs is crucial in accessing sensitive or regulated data, giving rise to OAuth and attribute-based access control models. Companies take advantage of this as a real business advantage, because micro services can be used independently alongside the app.

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The impact of data leaks and risks

Companies must now maintain proper management and governance of access scopes and cleaner APIs
With strict law and regulation, companies are concerned about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it is implemented worldwide. The recent United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement (NAFTA 2.0) has made it possible to locate data and it will not be restricted and data will flow freely across borders.

IoT and Dearth of IT skills

IT skills become a global problem for markets. Identity and Access Management (IAM) instruments are some of the areas in which organizations must focus and train their employees. Many companies focus on paving the way for professionals in digital identity around the world. The paradigm of the Internet of Things (IoT) is cited as one of the main reasons why analytics play a major role in the examination of large amounts of data.

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In order to protect these ‘ data lakes,’ fine grain access control is also required. While new data protection laws with GDPR benchmarks have also been adopted in Canada and California, organizations will need to develop new security measures to comply with regulatory requirements. Maybe context – sensitive and risk – based access control models can be the way forward across the board in a company setting.

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