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ShowBox Apk For Android

Are you looking for a Watch Latest Movies / Tv series Android app then this post is for you?

Showbox is one of the best android apps for free downloading or streaming movies/tv shows.

The best thing is that after using this, you don’t have to visit any website.

It includes U.S., Uk, and Other Countries films. Now it’s also starting to upload Asian videos.

What is Showbox?

“Showbox is a very popular Android app allows users to stream movies & tv-shows or download them free of cost. It fetches content from torrent”.

Also, remember you can’t find this app on Google play store. There are some fake applications in the Play store with the same name, don’t use it. They’re wasting time.

Showbox is the best application for downloading movies. I understand some others are there. But, the content of this app is up-to-date. Even more, the app is still being updated. In 2019 the recent version will be published.

Download Showbox

Tip: If you live in the United States or any other nation where the law is rigorous, make sure that you use a VPN while using this application.

Features Of Showbox

Here are the characteristics that will encourage downloading or using Showbox for customers.


        • Latest Movies Available (Received from torrent)
        • Tv Shows Available
        • News Section Available
        • Multiple Language Stream
        • Available Anonymously
        • Trailers that can be sorted by popularity or just added
        • New release accessible were newly published films & films
        • The user can add Movies to Favorite without generating Account.
        • Search box accessible
        • Flims is available in the category View, Which makes it simple to discover any film
        • Online or Download Movie in Phone Storage (Share with colleagues too)
        • 3 Players for the media. Vlc, Player Android and Player Other.
        • You don’t need to create an account
        • Automatic download option using WiFi to remove old films
        • Small in size

The primary characteristics of this application are above. If you want to learn more about this, I’m going to recommend installing this app.

But when you visit websites to download films, it’s time to change, because the app is all in one and content keeps up to date over time.

How to use Showbox?

I’m going to demonstrate you how you can download or stream the film online.

  • First How to Download Movie
  • From the Left, Click on Movie Click Sidebar.
  • Then select the film you’d like to download. You can also find the top search box.
  • Click on the Download icon.

It will show you two options.

    • server B
    • Torrents

You can discover downloaded files here and download them. You can also pause any video and cancel it.

    • Select films and select your favourite movie from the left sidebar.
    • Click the Watch Now button after that. Loading that plays your video will take some time
    • While watching a film, you may not like Media Player. You can change it, don’t worry.


How to Change Player for Media?

  • Open Settings from the left sidebar. Click on the text before the Default Player
  • VLC is the default player for the press. I like the media player from Android. You can attempt somebody.
  • Quality can also be changed under that film.
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How to Install ShowBox?

I hope Most of You Know how to install an app from an unknown source if you don’t worry I’ll explain how you can do this.

Follow these measures to open it after downloading from the link above.

  1. It may show you warning that you do not have authorization to click on configurations and enable approval to do so.
  2. To finish the installation process, simply Tab On Install.
  3. Completing the process will take a while. When the installation is finished, something like this will demonstrate you.


  1. Is the app is free of charge?
  2. Yes, this is a free app.

How does the showbox make cash?

Announcements running but don’t care. These advertisements are bothersome.

Why isn’t it in the Play store accessible?

Because you’ll get the recent films here in the app. This website is collecting torrent films. That’s content pirated. Which is against the politics of the play shop.

Is Ios and Pc accessible?

Simple Answer is no But you can use Jugaad (I’m sorry I don’t understand Jugaad English)

Is it lawful to use it?

No, it’s illegal. That’s the truth. Do not worry about it in India. If you’re outside India, I’m sorry I don’t understand how strict your country’s legislation is.

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What’s the option?

Well, it’s a fantastic option to PopCorn Flex.

What Video Showbox Quality Provides?

There are 3 video format types. 360, 480 and 720


What is Showbox Collecting Information?

It’s going to ask for your age group and gender. Sometimes individuals claim that this data is being sold by Showbox, but many individuals believe it is being used to provide you with better content like youtube.

Showbox is not accessible for Ios Showbox. But here’s a Moviebox option. Showbox did not create an Ios app because it does not interest Ios User.

Windows Showbox

This is not accessible for windows. I discovered on the internet some articles that individuals recommend to install blue stack.

Look I’m using bluestack Believe me you’re certainly going to uninstall this after using it. Speed is going to be that slow.

What I advise you to do with websites. Here is the Best Free Movie website download list.


hope you’ve got the Showbox app on your mobile download. There may or may not be an option, but there is no App as large as the Showbox apk.

It’s got millions of customers around the world.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please let me know through remarks. I’m going to assist you happily.

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