Roku Will Launch an App on Shopify App Store to Offer SMB advertising

SMB advertising

Roku, Shopify partner to offer SMB advertising ahead of holidays

Roku will release an app on the Shopify App Store that will allow small businesses to create and manage ad campaigns.

Through a partnership with Shopify, Roku plans to assist small businesses with local advertising.

The streaming media company has announced the release of an app that would allow Shopify clients to create, buy, and measure TV streaming ad campaigns. Roku will be the first streaming app available in the Shopify App Store as a result of the transition.

About 7,000 apps and integrations are available in Shopify’s App Store. Roku’s app should be out before the holidays.

Roku is aiming for the cable and TV ad industry with the Roku app. Roku stated it would be able to give more exact information throughout the marketing funnel if it partnered with Shopify. At the conclusion of the second quarter, Roku had 55.1 million active accounts.

Here are a few crucial points:

  1. Users of Shopify will be able to specify an audience, budget, timing, and duration for their campaigns.
  2. Creative will be uploaded by the company.
  3. Small businesses will be able to create campaigns in a matter of minutes.
  4. Birthdate Co, Jambys, MoonPod, and OLIPOP are among the first merchants to use the Roku ad app.
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Roku’s platform, which is installed on a variety of televisions, has been gaining popularity as an advertising medium. Roku’s second-quarter revenue increased by 81 percent year over year to $645 million, with average revenue per user up 46 percent to $36.46.

The company does not break out advertising income, but monetized video ad impressions more than doubled in the second quarter compared to the same period a year earlier, according to the firm. In its August 4 shareholder letter, Roku also stated that it was expanding SMBs on its OneView ad platform.

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