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Guest Posting Guidelines

Cybers Guards are now accepting guest posts, but we are very specific about the types of posts that we accept.

By submitting Guest post with us, you agree to assign all rights (including, but not limited to, all international copyrights) to the content you create on by participating as a Guest Poster.

To participate as a Guest Poster, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Contributor Sign Up:

Email Sam @ and ask to be placed on the author list of Guest Post. Please include your previous work links (If possible). Fresh Writers are also welcome; since we have QC team who can help improving your articles before it get published.

  1. Outbound links:

Only one link can be inserted to your site. All other links must be to given to authoritative websites (e.g. webmd, wikipedia, major news outlets or authoritative websites that are well established). No byline links are permitted.

  1. Internal Links

You May Include 2 internal links to relevant articles on

  1. Double-check your content before submitting

Check your content with or similar plagiarism checker to verify that you’re submitting 100% unique content to us.

  1. Review, Acceptance & Rejection

We will advise once we review the article whether it is accepted or rejected. We reserve the right to reject any content publishing is not guaranteed, but we will email rejection reason.

  1. Publishing:

If the article accepted for publication, the article will be placed in our publishing queue (or published at the appropriate time if it’s a news content) and will appear on, promoted across our social networks and emailed to our subscribers to our newsletter. Thank you for your interest in posting guests on the Cybers Guards.

You can also provide us with your press releases and we will publish it. But please give us all the information you need.

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