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5G standalone core tests are successful for Samsung and SK Telecom

Deployment of 5G SA cores is expected to begin shortly after December. Samsung and SK Telecom has developed a 5G SA switchboard prototype with a...

Three UK will launch their 5G network in August

Initially, the next-generation network will only be available to Londoners. Three UK will be launching its 5G network in the UK in August. Initially, it...

SK Telecom, Samsung and Cisco collaborate in smart 5G offices

SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, and Cisco work together to develop and launch smart office services based on 5G. The companies have announced that SK Telecom,...

How 5G network builders compete in Asia with Huawei?

Network builders say sales are not just about cost. Mobile infrastructure companies believe that LTE networks will be substituted with higher capacities, lower-latency 5G...