Tag: Linux

Trend Micro Observed Malware Botnet Targeting Linux Systems

According to new research from anti-malware vendor Trend Micro, a recently discovered malware botnet targeting Linux systems is employing many of the evolving techniques...

Stantinko Observed Using a New Version of a Linux Proxy Trojan

Using a new version of a Linux proxy Trojan, a threat community monitored as Stantinko was observed posing as Apache servers to stay undetected. Stantinko...

Bug Bounty Reward Discovered a Vulnerability in the Slack Desktop Applications

A security researcher has been awarded a $1,750 bug bounty reward for finding a flaw in Slack software applications with remote code execution. An intruder...

26 USB Bugs Found in Linux , Windows, macOS and FreeBSD

Academics say they have found 26 new vulnerabilities in the USB driver stack that operating systems like Linux , macOs, Windows and FreeBSD employ. The...

Netflix Found multiple Linux and FreeBSD DoS vulnerabilities

Remote attackers can exploit a denial of service flaw found in how recent Linux and FreeBSD kernels handle TCP networking to trigger a kernel...