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Vulnerability in the pre-installed security app of Xiaomi phones

Avast-to-AVL SDK interaction created a dangerous fault in Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi patched a security flaw in the Guard Provider, the default security app included...

Bank applications ‘ security flaws expose data and source code

A scientist examined 30 Android financial applications and detected issues such as exposed source code and sensitive data leaks. In 30 providers of financial...

In the LTE protocol, researchers find 36 new security flaws

South Korean researchers apply the LTE protocol to flushing techniques and identify 51 vulnerabilities, 36 of which are new. A group of South Korean academics...

SCP deployments affected by security flaws of 36 years

All of them have an impact on OpenSSH, Putty and WinSCP. WinSCP patches available. All SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) implementations from the last 36 years...