Udemy Acquired Online Leadership Development Platform CorpU

Udemy Acquired Online Leadership Development Platform

Udemy announced on Monday that it has acquired online leadership development platform CorpU. The financial terms of the deal are not known, but it will increase Udemy’s offerings as well as strengthen its corporate footprint.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, CVS Health and Rite Aid all use CorpU to help upskill their employees. Experts from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education, and University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business are available.

Greg Brown, president of Udemy Business explained that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted new approaches to workforce development.

Brown stated that businesses are looking for ways to help employees and leaders in a global, scalable and accessible manner as a result of fast-paced changes and shifts to hybrid work environments.

“As a result of this fast-paced change coupled with a shift to hybrid work environments, businesses are actively searching for the best ways to develop leaders and employees in a global, scalable, and accessible way,” Brown said. 

“CorpU is a powerful addition to strengthen our Udemy Business offering for organizations by elevating leadership development capabilities and helping customers achieve critical business outcomes.”

In a statement, both companies said CorpU “delivers cohort-based immersive learning experiences and access to world-class experts” while attempting to deliver courses that foster “innovation, leadership, and business agility.”

CorpU’s founder and general manager Alan Todd said that companies struggle to offer immersive and facilitated training despite the need for leadership development.

Udemy was referred to by him as the “ideal partner of CorpU” and he said that the companies can “help organizations all prepare for the future and give leaders the tools, knowledge and capabilities to propel their business forward.”

Gregg Coccari is the CEO of Udemy. He said that companies will benefit from Udemy’s real-world instructors, CorpU’s experienced professors, and peer-to–peer learning capabilities. This will allow them to “build agility, resilience, and team to face today’s most difficult challenges.”

“We believe that CorpU will allow Udemy to help companies go further in upskilling initiatives and deepen collaboration and leadership capabilities through immersive learning experiences,” Coccari said.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.