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What is JascUpdate.exe and How to fix it?

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What is JascUpdate.exe?

JascUpdate.exe is a lawful process file commonly referred to as Jasc Update. It is linked to Jasc Update developed by Jasc Software Inc. It is located by default in ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Jasc Software Inc\JascUpdate\’ folder. Malware programmers write malicious scripted virus files and save them as JascUpdate.exe in order to spread virus over the internet.

Affected platforms: Windows OS

How to check for JascUpdate.exe malware on your computer?

Look out for these symptoms to check if your PC is infected with malware JascUpdate.exe: unstable internet connection JascUpdate.exe occupies extra CPU space PC processing speed slows down Browser often redirects to irrelevant websites Browser is bombarded with popup ads Computer screen freezes repeatedly.

Take the following steps to diagnose your PC for possible JascUpdate.exe malware. If you see a file outside ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Jasc Software Inc\JascUpdate\‘ , scan antivirus to get rid of the malware.

MD5          a01017cd182940ea67fb4ee390bbae68
SHA256   abe90640d67a807e395308955cbe2a44789733199ec9e7a245ae838d04894299

Last Updated On January 11, 2019