Vpn Turned Off While Torrenting | What happens if VPN disconnects?

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What happens if VPN disconnects? (and why)

With a VPN, all of your data is free, all of your internet activities are private, and file sharing is safe from prying eyes. However, by doing both of these things, a VPN link can be dropped by accident; however, what happens if your VPN disconnects?

What happens if VPN disconnects?

When you use a VPN, you can access restricted content and keep your internet activities secret from the government, ISPs, and even the websites you visit; but, when you turn it off, all of that is lost.

If your VPN connection drops, here’s what happens:

    • Your real IP address is visible on the websites you visit, and your ISP now has access to all of your online activities.
    • You won’t be able to get around internet surveillance any longer, and you won’t be able to access restricted content. Your personal information may be at risk.
    • An IP leak is another term for this type of data exposure. Even if you disconnect or lose link accidentally, a VPN can shield you from IP leaks. Let’s look at a few scenarios where the VPN is switched off.
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VPN turned off while torrenting

If your VPN was mistakenly switched off or disconnected while torrenting, your P2P traffic was revealed to your ISP. You lose all internet privacy without a VPN, and what you download can be tracked. You can face a fine if you torrent illegally, depending on the laws in your region.

VPN turned off while streaming

When you use a VPN to view videos online or download Netflix, your location is revealed to the website, and you are no longer able to unblock any content. Since streaming traffic is exposed, disconnecting from VPN will most likely result in an error page and your ISP will throttle your link.

How to prevent IP leaks when the VPN connection drops?

How does it work?If you’ve ever wondered why your VPN link isn’t secure or why you’re getting unexpected disconnects, there’s an explanation for it.

Why does my VPN keep disconnecting

    • Signal intensity is low.
    • Firewall blocks incorrect VPN protocol
    • The server configuration is incorrect.

Here’s how to improve when your VPN keeps disconnecting:

Improve your internet signal strength:A strong and reliable internet signal is needed to keep a VPN link alive. VPNs must re-negotiate secure encryption algorithms on a regular basis, and encrypted traffic has more data to transmit, so a poor Wi-Fi signal can cause a VPN to keep disconnecting.

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Choose the right VPN protocol:  If you’re experiencing regular drops, consider switching between TCP and UDP protocols (usually an in-app setting). Also, experiment with different VPN protocols. IKEv2, for example, may be a good option because it can easily reconnect.

Configure firewall rules: In some advanced systems, firewall rules can deny or block VPN traffic, causing connections to drop or internet access to be completely blocked. A review of the firewall rules may be able to solve the issue.

Choose the right VPN service: A VPN service may often be the source of a problem. Slow speeds and frequent disconnections may mean that a VPN service isn’t up to par. Perhaps you should try some other services, as many of them have a money-back guarantee and allow you to test them out for free.


When you use a VPN, all of your data is safely encrypted; but, if your link drops accidentally, your real IP address is exposed, and your privacy is compromised. An Internet Kill Switch is a function of the best VPNs that protects you in situations like this. This is particularly relevant if your VPN disconnects while you’re torrenting or watching a video.

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