WordPress Plugins Actively Exploited by Cybercriminals

Using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress to create a website is both easy and inexpensive. It saves webmasters the hassle of...

Hackers Targeting WordPress Sites Running the OneTone theme to Exploit a Vulnerability

Hackers actively target WordPress sites that operate with OneTone theme to exploit a vulnerability that enables them to read and write site cookies and...
Lazarus hacking group’s latest weapon strikes South African freight

Lazarus Hackers New Backdoor Malware, Dubbed Vyveva Strikes South African freight

The Lazarus hacking group uses a new backdoor in targeted attacks against the freight industry, according to researchers. The new backdoor malware, dubbed Vyveva, was...

$25 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Stolen by Hackers from Uniswap and

Around $25 million of cryptocurrency was stolen from Uniswap and Lendf. Me during the weekend by hackers who exploited the Ethereum blockchain technology. Of the...
Work from Home

6 Tips for Cybersecurity While You Work from Home

Social conditions due to lockdown contribute to the tremendous transition to distant working. 85% of companies surveyed by CNBC claimed that more than half...
Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin Transactions Led FBI to Hackers Twitter

Court records made public by U.S. authorities last week following the announcement of charges against three persons allegedly involved in the latest Twitter attack...
Sophos Firewall

Hackers Tried to Exploit Sophos Firewall ‘s Zero-Day Flaw

Hackers tried two methods in Sophos' XG firewall to exploit a zero-day vulnerability but Sophos claims it made a temporary patch that mitigated the...

The 10 Worst Malware Threats to Expect in 2021

Meta Description: Cybersecurity attacks are growing in numbers in recent years. Therefore, it is wise to know some of the worst malware threats you...

Hacker Replaced Emotet Trojan With GIF Images

A hacker has succeeded in replacing the payloads normally provided by the Emotet Trojan with GIF images over the last few days. Emotet, who resumed...
Maze Ransomware

Ransomware Gangs Keep Changing their Targets to the Ongoing Virus Crisis

The pandemic of coronavirus forced most organizations to focus on how they function. And it now seems like even cybercrooks and ransomware gangs have...