Instagram Remote Account Takeover Required No Victim Action

A weakness in Instagram made it possible for an attacker to take over an Instagram account and turn the victim's phone into a spy...
space systems

White House Published Protecting Space Systems from Cyber-threats and Cyber-attacks

The White House today issued a new guidance outlining a series of guidelines and best practises to defend space networks from cyber-threats and cyber-attacks.The...

New Zealand Said Confronting Cyberattacks on an Unprecedented Scale

New Zealand's justice minister says the nation faces unparalleled cyber-attacks targeting everything from the stock market to the weather service.In an interview with The...
cyber-security reports

APA User Information was Stolen After Inject a Skimmer on its Website

The American Payroll Association (APA) says user information has been stolen after attackers have managed to inject a skimmer into their website.A payroll education,...
Stock Exchange

New Zealand’s Spy Agency to Help Fight Back Against Cyberattacks

New Zealand's spy agency was brought in to help fight back against cyberattacks that on Friday paralyzed the country's stock exchange for a fourth...

Cyber Attacks Forced New Zealand’s Stock Exchange to Halt Trading

Cyber attacks forced New Zealand's stock exchange to suspend trading for the third time in as many days as Thursday, its operator said Thursday,...

Microsoft New Feature in Defender ATP to Block Malicious Behavior

Microsoft introduced this week a new feature in Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Windows Defender designed to prevent and detect malicious behaviour.Named "Endpoint Detection...

Thousands of Government User Accounts in Canada Hacked During Cyber Attacks

Thousands of online government services user accounts in Canada have recently been compromised during cyber-attacks, authorities said Saturday.The attacks targeted the GCKey program, used...

Adaptive Shield Grows From Stealth Mode to Software-as-a-Service Applications

With seed funding of $4 million, Adaptive Shield emerged this week from stealth mode to simplify software-as-a-service ( SaaS) security applications.The Tel Aviv, Israel-based...

Israel Defence Said Foiled an Attempted Cyber Attack by a Foreign Group

On Wednesday the Israeli defense ministry said it had foiled an attempted cyber attack by a foreign group targeting defense manufacturers in the country.It...