Mozilla Announced Improved User Privacy in Firefox 86

With the launch of a new feature aimed at stopping user monitoring from site to site, Mozilla this week revealed enhanced user protection in Firefox 86. The new functionality, named Complete Cookie Security and built...

South Carolina County Continues to Rebuild its Computer Network After Hacking Attempt

After what it calls a complicated hacking attempt, a county in South Carolina struggles to restore its data network. Hackers sent a Jan. 22 email that allowed them to take over the computers in Georgetown...

ECDSA vs RSA: Everything You Need to Know

If you're into SSL certificates or cryptocurrencies, you'd eventually come across the much-talked "ECDSA vs RSA" subject (or RSA vs ECC). What do all of these words mean, and why do they even matter? Two...
Data Protection

Virginia Consumers More Protection With Their Online Data

The General Assembly is promoting legislation that encourages Virginia customers to protect their internet data better, but critics argue that the bill does not include people's right to file private litigation against corporations that...

Cybersecurity Official Says Authorities To Unravel the Likely Russian Hack of U.S. Government Agencies

The U.S. officials are also trying to uncover the full extent of the probable Russian hack that gives full access to data and emails from at least nine government departments and over 100 private...
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Best Vulnerable Web Apps and Vulnerable Websites for Testing

It is useful for every new or established hacker to know where to find the best websites, web apps and battlegrounds that are vulnerable. Why am I saying this? Because the use of websites...

What Is SMS Spoofing & How Can You Prevent It?

Do you think spoofed text messages are a modern-day issue? Currently, they date from almost a millennium ago... SMS spoofing may be a concern in the 21st century, but you'd be shocked to hear that...

WireWheel Raised $20 Million in a Series B Funding Round

On Wednesday, Arlington, Va.-based data protection management firm WireWheel reported that it raised $20 million in a fundraising round of Series B. ForgePoint Finance, with participation from current investors New Enterprise Associates, Revolution's Rise of...
Series B funding round

CYE Raises $100 Million to Help Companies Identify “Real-Life” Cyber Risks

CYE, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based organization with a quest to help enterprises recognise "real-life" cyber threats by leveraging humans and computers, today reported that through a fundraising round led by private equity group EQT,...

WhatsApp and Video calls on Zoom Face Stricter Privacy Rules in Europe

In Europe, after a draft law passed a main EU hurdle on Wednesday, chat applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp and video calls on Zoom face tighter privacy laws. The 27 EU Member States have...