How to check if your data was exposed in the Facebook 2021 data leak?

More records are being stored online than ever before, and large swaths of personal data are increasingly falling into the hands of cybercriminals. According to...
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European Union is at Risk Due to Poorly Protected Websites

According to data protection and privacy company Tala, sensitive data pertaining to customers of top mobile service providers in the European Union is at...

FIN11 Hacking Group Published on their Leaks Website Files

The FIN11 hacker group has posted files allegedly stolen from Shell on their leaks website, most likely during a cyber-security incident involving Accellion's File...
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Washington Senate Unanimously Passed a Measure that Creates a State Office of Cybersecurity

The bill, approved on Wednesday by the senate, establishes a separate office inside the Chief Information Officer's Office. For review, the bill now goes...
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Cybersecurity Startup 1Kosmos Emerged from Stealth Mode

This week, cybersecurity start-up 1Kosmos emerged from stealth mode armed with $15 million in ForgePoint Capital's Series A financing to gain momentum with its...
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Virginia Consumers More Protection With Their Online Data

The General Assembly is promoting legislation that encourages Virginia customers to protect their internet data better, but critics argue that the bill does not...

Types of Encryption: What to Know About Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption

Symmetric vs asymmetric encryption. As if understanding the word "encryption" was not complicated enough, the various forms of encryption are now supposed to be...

WireWheel Raised $20 Million in a Series B Funding Round

On Wednesday, Arlington, Va.-based data protection management firm WireWheel reported that it raised $20 million in a fundraising round of Series B. ForgePoint Finance, with...

US Federal Court to Pause Proceedings Aimed at Banning TikTok

The administration of President Joe Biden has urged a US federal court to suspend proceedings to block TikTok to order a new analysis of...
Series B funding round

Grindr Faces a Fine of More Than $10 Million from Norwegian Regulators

Grindr's gay dating app faces a fine of more than $10 million from Norwegian authorities for failing to get customer permission before sharing their...