cyber securty programming

Tools to Keep Your Customer Data Safe

Data breaches are a big problem, even with more sophisticated security systems available to companies. The main reason for this is that companies simply...

Let’s Encrypt Has Warned Users Whose Devices are Running Older Versions of Android

Let's Encrypt has alerted users whose devices run older versions of Android that when accessing websites protected by its certificates, they may start getting...
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How can I add radius circles to my business map or route?

Radius mapping is an integral part of a business map or route. It refers to the process of drawing a circle around a specific...

Could Linux Make Game Play More Secure

Virus concerns weigh on people's minds when they enter private, sensitive information onto websites. In today's world, paying bills and even enjoying streaming or...

Google Patches 30 Vulnerabilities for the Android Operating System

This week, Google revealed the launch of a new series of monthly Android operating system updates, which provide fixes for a total of 30...

Google Released Updates to Address Multiple Vulnerabilities in the Chrome Browser

In order to fix numerous bugs in the Chrome browser, Google has released fixes, including two that are deliberately used in attacks.For a total...

Texas-Based Precious Metals Dealer JM Bullion Discloses Months-Long Payment Card Breach

Texas-based precious metals distributor JM Bullion has told certain clients that cybercriminals might have compromised their payment card numbers, but the announcement comes months...

Compromised Credentials used by Hackers to Access the Content Management System

Security analysts suspect that hackers used stolen passwords to access the content management system behind the website of Donald Trump's campaign.Hackers managed to hack...
Meme generator

What The Meme? Top Meme Generators To Help You Make That Perfect One!

Before we get into the top meme generators to help you out, let us first understand what a meme is. Simply put, a meme...
student laptop buying tips

Best Laptop for Computer Science Students

You need to understand and write lots of codes, create program, design applications, and work on various technologies as a computer science student. You...