change their passwords

Users Frequently Change Their Passwords, After a Breach

According to a new report conducted by academics at Carnegie Mellon University's Security and Privacy Institute (CyLab), only about a third of users typically...

Zoom Released New Update to Enhance Security Features

Videoconferencing network Zoom launched an updated and authenticated version of the application to ensure personal information security and privacy, Federal Cyber Security said Monday,...

WeTransfer Is ‘Partially’ Blocked in Some Telecom Networks in India

Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio are among those networks which blocked WeTransfer access. WeTransfer, a common file transfer service used by large numbers of Internet...

Google’s AR App Lets You Compare Two Meters to Keep Social Distancing

With a global pandemic still keeping lock-down many nations, social distancing has become the new standard every time we step outside our homes. Some find...
Windows 10

Functionality Removed in Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft lists the functions for which it no longer operates in Windows 10 and those which it excludes in version 2004. Microsoft has outlined the...

Fortune 500 Company NTT Says Hackers Breached and Stolen Data on 621 Customers

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT), the 64th biggest company in the world, according to the Fortune 500 ranking, has disclosed today a security breach. NTT...

The World’s First Contact-Tracing App is Live

The world's first contact-tracing app is live using google and apple api. Built on the backbone of the API jointly developed by Google and Apple,...

HP Printer Sales 19% Down in Second Quarter

On Wednesday, HP delivered mixed financial results for the second quarter as unit sales declined in both the personal systems and the printer segments. The...
USB devices

26 USB Bugs Found in Linux , Windows, macOS and FreeBSD

Academics say they have found 26 new vulnerabilities in the USB driver stack that operating systems like Linux , macOs, Windows and FreeBSD employ. The...
ComRAT Malware

A New Version of the ComRAT Malware

An modified version of the ComRAT malware that was used in recent attacks by Russia-linked cyber-espionage threat actor Turla will connect to Gmail to...