Cisco Released a Security Patches to Fix Vulnerabilities Across its Products

This week, Cisco issued security updates fixing various product-wide vulnerabilities, including significant severe defects affecting IP Phones and the UCS manager.The critical vulnerability fixed by IP Phones affects the web server and can allow...
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SAP Latest Security Patches Released to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities

SAP released this week its latest package of security updates with a total of 23 security notices, including five for Hot News vulnerabilities.The most critical of these flaws is a missing SAP Commerce XML...
Microsoft require only security updates

Microsoft’s Window Released an Update to Fix 113 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft's April 2020 update Tuesday updates fix 113 vulnerabilities, including three Windows bugs exploited for arbitrary code execution and privilege escalation assaults.Microsoft has patched two vulnerabilities related to the Adobe Type Manager Library, which...

Dell Launched a new tool SafeBIOS to detect BIOS attacks

Computer manufacturing giant Dell launched a new security tool Friday to identify attacks that aim to change the BIOS part of a device.Dell SafeBIOS Events & Attack Indicators, the device operates by detecting changes...
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Australian Government Launched New Information App and WhatsApp Chat Feature

As social distancing laws have tightened, a coronavirus information app and WhatsApp chat functionality have been introduced by the Australian government, making telehealth services accessible nationwide.Over the weekend, the federal government introduced a new...
Cybersecurity Methods to Use

6 Low-Cost Cybersecurity Methods to Use in 2021

Large corporations often acknowledge and implement measures on the security of their company. It becomes a priority because being a target of cybercriminals can bring down a business. That is why many are investing...

5 Ways to Ensure Your Chatbot Isn’t a Security Threat

Chatbot automation is a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down. It’s estimated that, by 2021, most customer interactions will be handled without a human agent, i.e., through a chatbot. This means...

How to Become a Cybersecurity Attorney?

The tech industry is getting bigger by the day. While the booming sector opens up new opportunities and is of great help in enhancing services and increasing efficiency, it also offers unique and creative...

AdwCleaner 7.4 Malwarebytes Can Remove Windows Bloatware

Malwarebytes released AdwCleaner 7.4 which includes a new feature that is designed to detect and delete pre-installed software, generating income for the hardware developer, thus reducing the cost of the device.The device comes often...
Gand Crab Ransomware Master Decryption Key

Gand Crab Ransomware Master Decryption Key: FBI Released

The FBI released Gandcrab Ransomware version 4, 5, 5, 5.0.4, 5.1 and 5.2 as Master Decryption Keys in a FBI Flash Alert. These keys can be used to create and release your own GandCrab...