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Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Software Development

The first two questions that businesses have to answer when starting a software development project are how to create it and whether or not an in-house team can build the software. Some startups chose...
zoom vulnerability

A Zero-Day Vulnerability in Zoom Triggers Remote Code Execution Without User Input

The researchers who found the bug have been paid a total of $200,000 for their efforts. Researchers have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in Zoom that can be exploited to initiate remote code execution (RCE) attacks. The...

Vodafone Works on Resolving Nationwide 4G Network Outage

Customers of TPG Telecom have reported outages on the Vodafone network across Australia. After problems with its 4G network caused widespread disruption for customers across Australia, Vodafone says it is working to restore full connectivity...
Facebook data leaked - 533 Million Users Data is Available Online For Free

Facebook data leaked – 533 Million Users Data is Available Online For Free

On Saturday, the personal details of over half a billion Facebook Inc. users resurfaced online for free, highlighting the company's ability to gather mountains of data and its struggles to secure these confidential assets. According...

Understanding the SSL Validation Process

“Hey, I just bought an SSL certificate for my domain name, but the padlock symbol is still missing from my website. Is there a problem with my certificate?” Customers who are purchasing SSL/TLS certificates for...

In a Tech Clash, China Criticises the US Proposal to Expel Phone Carriers

In a new spat over technology and defence, China's government demanded that Washington abandon its attempts to expel three state-owned Chinese phone companies from the US. The FCC voted on Wednesday to begin revoking the...
Data Leaks

Data Leaks: 8 Data Leakage Prevention Tips for Your Organization

To put it bluntly, witnessing a data leak is a pain. A data breach is inconvenient for both you and your clients. That's because even a minor data breach is a major source of concern...

What Is HSTS and Why Should Your Organization Use It?

If you have burning questions like "what is HSTS?" and you wake up in the middle of the night, this is the place to go. "Why aren't more organisations using http strict transport security?"...

TCP vs UDP — What’s the Difference Between Them?

What Is the Internet Protocol? The internet protocol (IP), which is a form of network protocol, is a collection of rules that govern how data is sent or transmitted to a specific recipient over a...

Top 7 Information Security Threats

About everybody has had the stomach-churning terror of being hacked at some time in their lives. And, ideally, it's nothing more than a fleeting worry. Still, with the lurking information security threats waiting for...