Trend Micro Observed Malware Botnet Targeting Linux Systems

According to new research from anti-malware vendor Trend Micro, a recently discovered malware botnet targeting Linux systems is employing many of the evolving techniques among cyber-criminals, such as the use of Tor proxies, legal...

QNAP Systems to Remove Malware from Infected NAS Devices

Following a series of ransomware attacks, QNAP Systems, a manufacturer of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances, has confirmed that it is working urgently to find a solution to remove malware from compromised NAS computers. The Taiwanese...
Secretive Court’s Work

Supreme Court to Give the Public Access to Opinions of the Secretive Court’s Work

Civil liberties organisations have petitioned the Supreme Court to make decisions of the secretive court that oversees bulk email collection, warrantless internet searches, and other government monitoring programmes available to the public. In an appeal...

FBI Agents Secretly to Delete Malicious Web Shells From Hacked Microsoft Exchange Servers

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) announced Tuesday that FBI agents carried out a court-ordered cyber operation to remove malicious web shells from hundreds of previously compromised Microsoft Exchange servers in the United States,...

CISA Published Additional Malware Identified on Microsoft Exchange Servers

China Chopper webshells and the DearCry ransomware were discovered on infected Microsoft Exchange servers this week, according to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CISA). The malware authors use a collection of vulnerabilities that...

After a Supply Chain Attack, Gigaset Android Smartphones were Infected with Malware

Threat actors infiltrated at least one update server of smartphone manufacturer Gigaset to distribute malware in a recent supply chain assault that made headlines. Gigaset, a German software manufacturer, was the target of a supply...

China-Linked ‘Cycldek’ Targeting Government and Military Entities in Vietnam

According to a study from anti-malware vendor Kaspersky, the China-linked cyber-espionage group Cycldek is displaying growing sophistication in a series of recent attacks targeting government and military institutions in Vietnam. Cycldek, also known as Goblin...
Florida School

Largest School Districts was Hacked by a Criminal Gang and Demanded $40 Million in...

A criminal group hacked one of the country's largest school districts' computer system, encrypting district data and requesting $40 million in ransom or erasing the files and publishing students' and employees' personal details online. Broward...

Vulnerability in the ‘netmask’ npm Package Could Expose Private Networks

The netmask npm package contains a vulnerability that could expose private networks and lead to a number of attacks, including malware distribution. The newly discovered flaw (identified as CVE-2021-28918) stems from the package's inability to...

Cyber-Attack on CompuCom Expected to Reach the $28 Million

The financial effect of a cyber-attack on CompuCom, an ODP Corporation wholly-owned subsidiary, on March 1 is estimated to be in the $28 million range, according to the company. Customer services and corporate activities were...